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Australian Authorities Recapture Quarantine Escapees After Manhunt

Australian police have arrested three people who escaped a Covid quarantine compound near Darwin in the Northern Territory.

Incredibly the three had all tested negative the day before they broke out.

On Wednesday, Australian Authorities alleged that three people had scaled the perimeter fence and barbed wire surrounding the compound in order to break out of the facility situated near Darwin in the Northern Territory. Police say the trio managed to escape the Centre for National Resilience just before 4:40am.

Once it was clear that three detainees had escaped police organised a manhunt and, according to reports, the three were swiftly caught and taken into custody. “Police and staff at the Centre for National Resilience are currently confirming the absconder’s identities prior to releasing further information,” authorities stated.

Officials did not confirm whether the inmates were returning travelers or local citizens who had been put into quarantine. The centre has been used in recent days to not only detain those claimed to be infected with Covid-19, but also their entire family who are guilty by association of being infected. The detainees have been taken from Katherine, a town 300km (185 miles) away, where government officials claimed there was a Covid outbreak.

The Howard Springs site holds up to 2,000 people; it is situated within an old mining camp which was turned into a quarantine center by the Australian government in August. The three individuals arrested had tested negative for Covid-19 on Tuesday but being healthy is irrelevant under new Australian laws.

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Philip Davies
Philip Davies
Dec 02, 2021

What can one say? Terrifying.

Replying to

I'm just surprised Boris the Bedwetting Buffoon and his gang of incompetent, fellow bedwetting MPs and wannabe facists haven't built a few camps like that here in the UK yet. They seem to be casting an envious and jealous eye over the shenanigans in Australia to see what they can get away with here. had a website called pulled by GoDaddy and finally restored just hours before a debate after getting an " anonymous complaint "! You can read all about it here,

Just a suggestion, but I don't think it would do any harm for this site to get in touch with as you both have similar aims, ie. independent, truthful journalism, exposing the lies…

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