YouTube 'Team up' with Big Pharma to Remove any Mention of Vaccine Deaths

The video streaming service says it will soon remove all content that argues Covid vaccines can cause serious side-effects and are unsafe for use. Matt Halprin, the Global Head of Trust and Safety at the Google-owned company, is alarmed by the presence of what he described as “vaccine misinformation” across the world. Youtube are to deny any deaths or life-changing events have been caused, or contributed to, by the jab even though evidence is reported by the Government on a weekly basis and dozens of coroner have confirmed the cause of death in their patients has been the Covid-19 vaccine.

The Guardian reported:

From Wednesday, the video streaming site, which has already banned Covid jab falsehoods, will take down content that claims any approved vaccine is dangerous and causes chronic health defects. Under previous guidelines, the platform demoted – effectively hiding from view – videos that spread misinformation about non-Covid vaccines or promoted vaccine hesitancy.

Last year, YouTube implemented a ban on Covid vaccine misinformation videos, which has led to 130,000 pieces of content being taken down since then. YouTube, which is owned by Google, has removed a total of 1m videos for spreading general Covid falsehoods since the pandemic broke out.

Matt Halprin… said vaccine misinformation was a global problem and had spilled over from the spreading of falsehoods about Covid jabs.

However, Vision News has discovered that Alphabet, Google's parent company, 'teamed up' with Novartis; Sanofi and Pfizer to run a clinical trials programme just weeks before the Pandemic started. The same big pharma now marketing their experimental drug to every person on earth and whose results Youtube are erasing from public view.

Verily, the health and life sciences company under Google parent-company Alphabet, is moving into the clinical trials space. - CNBC_2019

CNBC in the US ran a story in 2019 that, at the time, got little or no attention entitled: Google sister-company Verily is teaming with big pharma on clinical trials and documents how Verily (Google company) is 'moving into the clinical trial market.'

It goes on to state that: 'Pharma companies are looking to work with Verily, which is part of the Alphabet umbrella, as they try to find ways to modernize their clinical trials and speed up the time it takes to bring a new drug to market. Verily kicked off its own study, dubbed Baseline, in 2017. It learned a lot about clinical trials through that experience and is now expanding its efforts to include more participants and more industry partners.'

It continues: 'The company announced Tuesday strategic alliances with the pharmaceutical companies Novartis, Sanofi, Otsuka and Pfizer to help it move more deeply into the medical studies market. The goals for Verily, and its pharma partners, are to reach patients in new ways, make it easier to enroll and participate in trials, and aggregate data across a variety of sources, including the electronic medical record or health-tracking wearable devices.'

Clinical trials have historically been expensive processes that rely on outdated technologies. So pharma companies are looking to leverage the latest technologies from companies like Google to reach patients in a more targeted way and get their most promising drugs approved more quickly.