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You Were Right Not to Trust Chris Whitty

There is something wrong with Chris Whitty. We knew it from the first moment he appeared on our TV screens. Something about him made us shudder. Our instincts told us that he was a wrongun.

His appearance, aside from looking wholly unhealthy despite being a supposed expert on health, rang alarm bells in many. Something about that weak face; those shifty eyes, creepy as fuck. His appearance caused the same reaction in many parents as the first time they saw Jimmy Savile. Not someone that you would willingly leave your children in the care of.

We were assured, repeatedly, that Covid didn't affect children, so they wouldn't need a vaccine. No healthy child, anywhere in europe, had died from the virus and likely never will. If the virus even exists, a child's immune system will happily fight it off. This wasn't just 'the science', this was blatantly obvious as we could see it with our own eyes. It is far harder to fake a pandemic in children as they rarely die of viral infection, and, thankfully, anything at all. Certainly not the fabled Covid-19.

The Health Secretary at the time, Matt Hancock, stood up in parliament and read-out a statement, devised by Whitty, that assured the public vaccines would not be given to children, that the disease did not affect children, and that the vaccine had not been tested on children for that very reason. That statement was a lie. From the earliest stages of the Pandemic in 2020, leaked strategy documents proved that children as young as 6 months old were targeted for the vaccine. Whitty NEVER intended to just vaccinate the elderly, it had always been the plan to vaccinate everyone. He'd made up his mind long before a single vaccine had been given, or even tested for safety on anyone. As it proved, nothing and no-one would derail his plan. No amount of deaths or life-changing injuries was going to deter Chris Whitty, and none have.

When worried parents tried to raise the alarm they were either called conspiracy theorists or accused of thinking they knew 'more than a doctor'. As his plan was slowly revealed, each step was met with increasingly lame and feeble excuses why children should have to have the vaccine after all, culminating in the ludacris 'for the good of their mental health' for 12 year olds.

As the vaccine programme jabbed increasingly younger and younger people, so the body-count started totting up. By the time the 17 year olds were in the crosshairs the evidence of the vaccine's lack of safety was overwhelming. The AstraZeneca jab, which was the one used most in the UK, was showing alarming side effects and was identified as the cause of blood-clot deaths in thousands of patients across Europe and beyond. A campaign of disinformation was released by SAGE, masterminded by the Behavioural Science Team along with propaganda for legacy and social media and even into schools themselves, all telling the same lie; children will die from Covid unless they get the vaccine, which is 'safe and effective'.

When the programme got down to 12 year olds Whitty went to the JVCI instructing them to say that teenagers should be vaccinated, but even they couldn't ignore the teenage deaths that were happening in alarming numbers. Myocarditis and Pericarditis were now a known side effect of the vaccine affecting teenage boys in huge numbers, and people were beginning to ask questions. Two members of the JVCI panel were sacked because they wouldn't approve the vaccine, not wanting to have the blood of dead children on their hands. According to reports, a Whitehall meeting over the plan Whitty 'flew into a rage' when he became aware that the JVCI had released their verdict to the press and it wasn't the one he'd demanded.

The evidence now clearly showed that a child was over six times more likely to die from the vaccine than from the virus, with thousands more being maimed for life. Whitty knew this but either didn't care or intended that outcome all along.

The man who has no children of his own, has never been married, or even had a girlfriend, and appears to have no sympathy, empathy or human emotion at doesn't care about you or your children but we knew all this from the moment we saw him, because our gut reactions almost always right, especially when it comes to weirdos with designs on our children.

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Excellent article, I kept my kids off on vax day, no chance is anyone touching my kids

What has happened to the AZ vax? It seems to have just vanished off the face of the earth?

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