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Jabbing Children is An Appalling Decision Not Based on Medical Or Clinical Need Says Tory MP

Calls for Chris Whitty to resign.

Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty should resign for approving the vaccination of all healthy teenagers against Covid “without good clinical reason”, according to Marcus Fysh MP.

On Monday the Government announced their intention to vaccinate all healthy 12 to 15 year-old children. The plan will start next week, with the Pfizer vaccine being the brand selected following the MRHA's approval last month.

Whitty gave the most feeble, weak and frankly bizarre 'reason' for the decision, now it was not to prevent the child from being ill, and it was not so the child didn't spread the disease, but for the good of the child's 'mental health'. Whitty had seen all of the previous reasons he'd given being systematically debunked by independent media. The facts are clear: children don't suffer from Covid, and certainly don't die of it, and the vaccine doesn't even prevent transmission, meaning there is NO clinical reason to give a child this drug. None.

But Whitty pressed on, insisting that all 12 to 15 year olds should be vaccinated. He completely ignored the mounting evidence that children are at real risk of death or serious injury from the vaccine. A major study that came out before Whitty made his decision clearly states that teenage boys are at least SIX TIMES more likely to develop serious adverse effects from the vaccine than they are being ill from Covid-19.

Responding to the move in a tweet on Monday night Marcus Fysh, the Conservative MP for Yeovil, claimed Prof Whitty “does not deserve the confidence of the country” and called for him to step down.

Speaking in the House of Commons, Mr. Fysh said he had “grave concerns about this policy and the fact that the CMOs have made their decision on the basis of the educational impact rather than the health of the children at clinical level”.

Later Marcus Fysh spoke on Talk Radio saying: vaccinating children is “an appalling decision [that’s] not based on medical need or clinical need”.

He went on to say: "They’ve come up with the idea, because the JCVI didn’t think it was warranted, that somehow children’s mental health is a clinical need for this vaccination. Well, I’m sorry [but] we need to lead children to a better place of understanding they are not at risk if they are worried about getting Covid. It just is not something that is going to be dangerous for them. I just don’t buy that for a second and I think it’s an outrageous way that the medical advice has been manipulated."

But this weak response, and lone voice, won't stop him, and resigning wouldn't be justice for his crimes. He needs to be behind bars.

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