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"You Belong in Prison Dr. Fauci"

Anthony Fauci smirked when cross examined about his role in the Crimes Against Humanity.  The diminutive bureaucrat repeatedly denied he had done anything wrong, dismissing the mass of evidence before him and scoffed at those he thinks are beneath him. In the first day of hearings Fauci stated:

  1. Fauci denied he'd said he 'was the science'.

2. Repeated the lie that unvaccinated people killed 200,000 American.

3. Claimed that he 'didn't use email'

4. Claimed he had always been 'open minded' about the lab-leak theory.

5. Failed to answer if he thought it was acceptable NIH staff made $710 million dollars from patents whilst supposedly 'protecting' American citizens.

In a scene reminiscent of Hermann Goering at the Nuremberg trials, Fauci went from Smirking to narcissistic rage and back again as the evidence was read out,   with Fauci's argument remaining one of 'from 'authority'.  

But, for the first time in any hearing, someone had the nerve to say what millions of people around the world have thought for a long time: Rep. Senator Marjorie Taylor Greene says "Mr Fauci, you should be in jail".




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