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You'll Take Orders Directly From the WHO by 2024 as Government Set to Sign Away Sovereignty

It's the biggest power grab since World War Two. Countries are about to surrender their national sovereignties under the terms of a new faux pandemic treaty.

On the 22nd of May 2022 The World Health Organisation will become the most powerful organisation on Earth. An unelected group of technocrats will force 194 Governments around the world to give power to them in the event of another pandemic or 'health emergency'. A 'health emergency' that only they can call.

Make no mistake, this is the formation of a World Government by stealth. For the last two years many have wondered why the Covid Pandemic was staged, now we know the answer. Creating the pandemic, and the chaos that ensued, gives the World Health Organisation the perfect excuse to claim that the only way individual governments can avoid this happening again is to sign-over control to them.

Most countries in the world are about to surrender their national sovereignty under the terms of the new pandemic treaty. In the event of another pandemic, virtually everyone on earth will take their instructions not from the politicians that they elected, but from unelected technocrats in the World Health Organisation. This World Government will take direct control of the UK government in the event it decides there's another 'health emergency'. This will not just mean more lockdown decrees or mandatory vaccinations but control of the treasury; transport system; food supply; utilities like power and water; and virtually all civil liberties.

Under the pretence of a 'health emergency' the WHO will control every aspect of billions of people's lives.

Around 95% of the world's population are about to come under the WHO's control. Health advice will be replaced by orders from faceless technocrats in far-off lands. The World Health Organisation will have power over and above our own sovereign government and will use every bit of it's new powers as it will have nobody to challenge it at any level. We managed to extract ourselves from the EU only to give our hard-won freedoms to another group of faceless bureaucrats on a power trip.

Currently 26 million Chinese are still locked in their homes, or have been carted off to detention centres, their pets beaten to death in the streets, and their possessions destroyed, all in the name of healthcare. With the new treaty in place, the WHO will have the power to do exactly the same thing here. The Chinese Communist Party was the first country to successfully convince the world that house arrest was a bonafide medical intervention, with the WHO repeatedly applauding China's actions, claiming that their response to the pandemic has been exemplary.

We are sleepwalking into a dystopian nightmare. In a matter of days, the World Health Assembly will meet in Geneva for a vote on the treaty. The target date for final ratification is in May 2024, but by then the power grab will be long-since over, and there is no going back from it. Amendments written into the proposed treaty by the Biden administration will see 194 nations cede sovereignty directly to the WHO. The WHO would thereby have decision-making power over and above our own government – and virtually every other government on earth for that matter.

It should also be worth noting that it would be entirely up to the WHO to define what the next 'health emergency' is. They have spent a great deal of time reframing Climate Change as a 'health emergency' over the last ten years, so expect lockdowns and driving bans to be the order of the day. The World Health Organisation have already claimed that millions of people heading ever westwards is because of climate change displacement when they are really just economic migrants, with more than half an eye on erasing all borders. Britain could well be ordered to take in and home every illegal migrants that lands on our beaches as the WHO claim they are 'climate migrants' escaping a 'health emergency'.

Anything, given the right framing, can be labelled a 'health emergency'; from starvation to obesity; from AIDS to Transphobia; from population decrease to global overcrowding there is always something that the WHO can hype up before claiming that they, and only they, have the answer to avert catastrophe.

Currently, based on the 2005 health treaty, sovereign governments can veto the WHO's directives, effectively choosing their own level of response to a threat. Not so with the new treaty, governments will have no power to operate independently of the WHO whatsoever. Any government that tries will incur massive financial penalties and see sanctions applied against them.

A world government is coming.

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