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Ex-WHO Employee Warns of 'World Government' Plans With Power Grab May 2022

A report by Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger, an ex-WHO employee, predicts a power grab by the World Health Organization in May of 2022 – based on information she received from insiders – which would override individual nations’ constitutions with the WHO’s own.

Dr Stuckelberger writes: “The fact that they are suddenly distancing themselves from restrictions is just a game. The last week of January 2022 WHO held an emergency meeting and deliberations in Geneva on expanding its powers to take over all member states in the event of a pandemic and “any other form of threat or disaster”.

WHO wants member states to sign a new treaty on Covid-19, which expands the 2005 treaty.

Once signed by the Ministers of Health, the WHO Constitution (according to its Article 9) takes precedence over a country’s constitution (189 countries have signed the 2005 treaty) during natural disasters or pandemics. Since the definition of pandemic was changed a few years ago (cases based on the PCR test), they can enforce obedience in any country and impose WHO guidelines on the public, which will be mandatory, not just recommended. And that sounds like power over the country and the world.”

Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger, who has worked for the WHO for 20 years, warns that every country should send a public letter of protest to the WHO.

“Governments” should draft a letter stating that the people do not accept that the signature of the Minister of Health can decide the fate of millions of people without a referendum. It is very important to send this letter from every country to the WHO in Geneva. WHO wants all countries to implement the measures by May 2022. Dr. Stuckelberger shared the information that so far, only the Russians have sent such a rejection letter!”

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