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Woman Forcibly Quarantined by Agents of the State Looks Like Scene from Dystopian Nightmare

A shocking TikTok video released today shows a woman being forcibly removed from her home by agents of the state before being carted off to an unknown quarantine centre.

The woman had reportedly returned from Holiday in Turkey to her home in Northern Ireland, with all the relevant negative PCR tests in place, only to find that authorities had been monitoring her since returning and had deemed the woman to have broken the rules around self-isolation. Agents of the state then forcibly removed her from her home before taking her to an unknown detention centre.

Those who carried out the arrest had police badges but it was impossible to determine who they were as no numbers were displayed on their uniforms and their faces were obscured with full gas masks and visors. As can be seen from the video, the 'police' were also fully-armed with pistols, not something UK police are routinely issued with.

The scene resembles some type of dystopian nightmare with faceless storm-troopers, dressed in full hazmat suits and carrying guns removing people from their own home because of a health-code violation. It could easily be a scene from Brazil, 1984 or Fahrenheit 451 but no, this is the UK in 2021.

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