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WHO Official Says Masks & Social Distancing Should Continue Indefinitely

Mad Scientists now in control of your life permanently

Another Technocrat with far too much power says that mask mandates and social distancing should continue indefinitely in order to protect against new variants of COVID-19.

The comments were made on Sky News by Special Envoy on Covid (Envoy?) for the World Health Organisation (WHO). Dr David Nabarro. Nabarro suggested that there would be a long list of mutations of the Indian variant which would in some cases evade the protection offered by vaccines. Saying with a straight face: “We will go from Delta to Lambda and then on to the other Greek letters, that’s inevitable, and some of these variants will be troublesome,”

He added. “I’m basically saying variants are going to go on coming. That’s part of life, we need to pick them up fast, we need to move quickly if we see them in a certain location, we need to build the management of variants into what we call our Covid-ready strategy, which is going to be the pattern for the foreseeable future,”

According to Nabarro, mask mandates and social distancing need to remain in place for the foreseeable future “as part of our defence” against COVID, particularly in regions which have high infection rates.

It is very convenient that, just we we are about to remove power from these unelected technocrats, they just happen to discover a new variant. Boris Johnson has said that England is to drop all face mask rules on July 19, but this is not going to happen as SAGE are ramping-up their own (counter) plans to hold on to the power they've gained, today briefing against the Government with a 'new Delta+' story. As they've yet to have isolated a single Covid virus then this too is an absolute lie.

Communist Party member and SAGE adviser Susan Michie speaking to Sky News earlier this month said, that mask mandates and social distancing should continue “forever” and that people should adopt such behaviour just as they did with wearing seatbelts.

But for those to be comparable then the risks from covid would have to be much greater than they are, or the car imaginary.

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Patricia Sullivan
Patricia Sullivan
Jun 24, 2021

We DO NOT CONSENT.................

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