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Was Vaccine Announcement Delayed to Help Biden Win?

A biotech expert has suggested that the announcement of a successful COVID-19 vaccine was deliberately delayed until after the presidential election so it didn’t boost Trump’s chances of winning.

On Monday it was announced that a new vaccine developed by Pfizer and BioNTech had a 90% success rate in preventing people from getting coronavirus. Despite some skepticism over the rollout of the vaccine, some governments have suggested that it could be available as soon as next month if it gets fast track approval.

According to Barry Norris of Argonaut Capital Partners, an expert on the biotech sector, the announcement could have been made sooner and was likely delayed so that Trump couldn’t take full credit.

“There are 44,000 people in the trial with half in the placebo,” Norris told “They were supposed to read out after just 32 cases in total. It was thought that the trial hadn’t yet read out because they hadn’t yet had enough infections.”

“The trial actually read out after 94 cases, so they delayed it on purpose apparently as a result of “discussions with the FDA. This smells like they didn’t want to announce it pre-Presidential election in case the ‘good news’ helped the incumbent." "Trump must be fuming,” he added.

If Norris is correct is correct, and the announcement was delayed for political reasons, this suggests that lives were potentially put at risk simply because people within the pharmaceutical industry don’t like Trump.

Far-fetched? Ridiculous? Perhaps not. Even though trials of Britain’s Oxford vaccine were paused this week, others remain on track. Trump dropped the broadest possible hint about his that this vaccine was ready when he said: "We’ll have the vaccine soon, maybe before a special date. You know what date I’m talking about." This may well have prompted the biotech giant to withhold their announcement until after the election. But may well just be another of those coincidences that appear to be happening.

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