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Was Internet Crash Done By Chinese Hackers?

Was Internet Crash Done By Chinese Hackers?

Some of the worlds biggest websites , including Amazon, Twitter, PayPal and Reddit suffered catastrophic outage this morning, potentially destroying millions of dollars in sales and preventing news being shared.

The UK government website - - was also down as were the Financial Times, the Guardian and the New York Times.

The problem happened at the Cloud computing provider; Fastly, which underpins many of the world’s largest websites, but it is unclear what caused the massive disruption. The firm said there were issues with its global content delivery network (CDN) and was implementing a fix.

The issues began at around 11am BST and lasted for an hour. Other affected websites included CNN and streaming sites Twitch and Hulu. The outage also broke some parts of other services, including Twitter.

However, some security experts have raised concerns that this may have been another attack by Chinese Hackers whose handlers are the Chinese Communist Party. The group, known as AP41, are already wanted by the FBI for previous attacks on both US companies and government departments.

Now that we have been forced to stay at home and do all interactions online, from work to dating, any attack on the internet could devastate the western world. We are now vulnerable to such things in a way we weren’t 18 months ago. A frightening prospect that may have just come one step closer to reality today.

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