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Video: "I'd Have It Again" Says Actress Paralyzed by Covid Vaccine

A video of Canadian actress Jennifer Gibson has gone viral after it showed the amount of damage the Covid-19 vaccine has done to her face.

The actress who has starred in both film and tv, and even appeared alongside Meghan Markle in Suits, announced to her thousands of Twitter followers that she had been diagnosed with Bell's Palsy, which has paralysed the entire left side of her face.

Clearly emotional Gibson says that her face became paralyzed about 'two weeks after getting the Covid vaccine.' Wiping away tears she describes the incident as a 'rough go with the vaccine' but then, astonishingly, says: "I have to say, I would do it again, because, it's what we have to do, you know, to save people"


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Proof, as if any were needed, that thereis no cure for stupid.🤣

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