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Vaccine Victims Told Not to Talk About Their Symptoms on Social Media

People dealing with life-changing injuries from the Gates backed Oxford-AstraZeneca jab say they’re being silenced on social media when they try to talk about their symptoms. The Mail has the story.

They believe they are vaccine victims who suffered a number of severe reactions, including a father-of-two who formed a blood clot after being given the vaccine in spring 2021 causing a permanent brain injury. 

The man is in the process of suing the pharmaceutical giant at the High Court in London over the injury, while the widower of a woman who died from the jab has also brought a claim. Now, other victims who claim they reacted badly to the jab, and are not involved in legal proceedings, have claimed sites such as Facebook have given them “warnings” when they have tried to speak to others about their experiences. 

They alleged that they are being forced to “self censor” and speak in cryptic language to avoid having groups shut down, the Telegraph reported.UK CV Family – a private Facebook group with over 1,000 members for those who claim they were left injured or bereaved by the Covid vaccines – has had to take steps to avoid being shut down.

The group began in November 2021, led by Charlet Crichton, 42, after she suffered an adverse reaction from the AstraZeneca jab …She told the paper: “I set up the group because I was finding people online in the U.K. like me. And we felt we didn’t have anyone to talk to about it apart from each other.” “We very quickly learned that we had to self censor, otherwise we’d be shut down,” she added, explaining that her own comments had previously been blocked “to prevent misuse”. …Molly Kingsley, the co-founder of UsForThem, said the restrictions put in place by social media platforms were “Orwellian” after her views about the Government’s Counter Disinformation Unit were allegedly criticised by YouTube.


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