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The Vaccine Report They Don't Want You To See

New study reveals 17 million have already died in the southern hemisphere alone.

A groundbreaking study on all cause mortality has found 17 MILLION people died worldwide after the Covid “vaccine” rollout. “We calculate the toxicity of the vaccine for all ages,” explained Dr. Rancourt oner of the paper's authors. “given the number of doses given worldwide to conclude that 17 million people would have been killed by this vaccine.” The shocking study, COVID-19 vaccine-associated mortality in the Southern Hemisphere, was published September 17, 2023, and, rather than garnering worldwide attention, has met only censorship and narrative-confirming “fact-checks” on the safety and effectiveness of the as-yet untested Covid-19 “vaccines.”

The researchers conducted an analysis of all-cause mortality using data from the World Mortality Dataset for 17 equatorial and Southern Hemisphere countries: Argentina, Australia, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Malaysia, New Zealand, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines, Singapore, South Africa, Suriname, Thailand, and Uruguay. Equatorial countries have no summer and winter seasons, so there are no seasonal variations in their all-cause mortality patterns.

These countries make up 9.1 percent of the global population and 10.3 percent of worldwide COVID-19 injections—with a vaccination rate of 1.91 injections per person of all ages—and include nearly every COVID-19 vaccine product and manufacturer across four continents.

Among the key findings from the 180-page report are:

  • In all countries included in the analysis, all-cause mortality increased when COVID-19 vaccines were deployed.

  • Nine of the 17 countries had no detectable excess deaths following the World Health Organization’s March 11, 2020, declaration of the pandemic until the beginning of the COVID-19 vaccination campaign.

  • Unprecedented peaks in all-cause mortality were observed in January and February of 2022, coinciding with or following the rollout of booster shots in 15 of the 17 countries studied.

  • Excess all-cause mortality during the vaccination period beginning in January 2021 was 1.74 million deaths—or 1 death per 800 injections—in the 17 countries studied.

  • The vDFR increased exponentially with age, reaching almost 5 percent among those 90 years and older who received a fourth vaccine dose.

"There is no evidence in the hard data of all-cause mortality of a beneficial effect from the COVID-19 vaccine rollouts. No lives were saved,” Dr Rancourt has said.

“On the contrary, the evidence can be understood in terms of being subjected to a toxic substance. The risk of death per injection increases exponentially with age. The policy of prioritizing the elderly for injection must be ended immediately,”



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