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University Students Told To Wear Masks During Masturbation

A Texas University suggested in a series of tweets that students should wear face masks during masturbation

The University of North Texas' Student Health and Wellness Center fired out the tweets, which have since been deleted because they offered advice contrary to that of the school’s guidelines on coronavirus, according to Campus Reform.

One of the tweets declared “Mask-urbate?! Read below to learn more,” with an accompanying image suggesting that any students with COVID symptoms should “skip sex and stay in.”

An infographic emblazoned with the university logo read “Mask-urbate! Use face coverings during mutual masturbation to reduce your risk,” while also suggesting students “be creative with physical barriers & sexual positions to prevent close face-to-face contact.”

A further tweet declared that students should wear masks during sex, “pick a large, well-ventilated space” for getting it on, “avoid kissing” and “wash your hands before and after.”

The tweets were reportedly removed because the University doesn’t even want students to go near each other. “Face coverings are not a substitute for appropriate social distancing,” the school guidelines state.

This has not brought any protests from students at the University who appear to be perfectly happy to be dictated to in this manner. The idea that university administrators, many of whom will be old, are obsessing with their student's sexual habits, does not seem to have raised an eyebrow.

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