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Unbelievable: HAMAS Command Found DIRECTLY UNDER UN Headquarters in GAZA City

The Biggest story of the war, completely Ignored by the MSM.

Israeli forces have discovered a tunnel network hundreds of metres (yards) long DIRECTLY UNDER the UN's Gaza headquarters, calling it new evidence of Hamas and UN collaboration in attacking the Jews on October the 7th.

Army engineers took reporters for all the major news outlets through the passages revealing the network of rooms and tunnels including a what was a HAMAS communications-hub with a bank of servers used to coordinate ongoing attacks.

The find confirms what UNwatch and the Wall Street Journal said last month. That the UN did not only have prior knowledge of the October the 7th attacks, they helped fund, coordinate and carry-out the massacre.

The Palestinians have accused Israel of falsifying information to tarnish UNRWA, which employs 13,000 people in the Gaza Strip but the report actually came from UNwatch an independent watchdog with no ties to Israel at all. The watchdog, together with the Wall Street Journal, and New York Post, revealed that the UN had twelve operatives embedded in the massacre, with three of them reportedly performing their own beheadings.

the UN Headquarters is in Gaza City, among northern areas that Israeli troops overran early in the conflict. Israel had long suspected that supposed UN UNRWA staff were secretly collaborating with HAMAS forces but even they were reportedly shocked at just how deep the collaboration was.

The tunnel, which the military said was 700 metres long and 18 metres deep, bifurcated at times, revealing side-rooms. There was an office space, with steel safes that had been opened and emptied. There was a tiled toilet. One large chamber was packed with computer servers, another with industrial battery stacks.

"Everything is conducted from here. All the energy for the tunnels, which you walked through them are powered from here," said the lieutenant-colonel, who gave only his first name, Ido.

"This is one of the central commands of the intelligence. This place is one of the Hamas intelligence units, where they commanded most of the combat."

"We know that they (Hamas) have people working in UNRWA. We want every international organisation to work in Gaza. That is not a problem. Our problem is the Hamas," Ido told reporters.

Lack of cellphone reception in the tunnel made geolocating it as under UNRWA Headquarters impossible. Instead, reporters were asked to put personal items in a bucket that was lowered by rope into a vertical hole on the grounds of the headquarters. They were reunited with the still-tethered items during the tunnel tour.

As a condition of taking journalists on the trip, the Israeli military did not allow photographs of military intelligence such as maps or certain equipment in the convoy of armoured vehicles they traveled in. It also requested approval before transmission of photographs and video footage taken on the trip.

Meanwhile the MSM continue to focus on the plight of the muslims, completely ignoring the most significant event in the war since the October 7th attacks.

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