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UN Launches 'Ministry of Truth'

The United Nations makes itself arbiter of what is 'true' and what is 'false'.

The UN has (quietly) announced the rollout of an automated "anti-disinformation tool" it calls iVerify. The software, initially created to support election integrity, claims to use a multi-stakeholder approach spanning the public and private sectors to “provide national actors with a support package to enhance identification, monitoring and response capacity to threats to information integrity”.

This is a clever way of saying that it has promoted itself to being the arbiter of 'the truth' a prospect that should frighten everyone on earth, regardless of their political persuasion. iVerify is the UN's very own MINISTRY of TRUTH.

iVerify’s has a team of local “highly-trained” fact-checkers poised to determine if “an article is true or not” according to their website. The tool also uses machine learning to prevent duplicate article checks, and monitors social media for “toxic” content which can then be sent to “verification” teams of fact-checkers to evaluate, making it a tool with both automated and human-facilitated elements.

On its website, the UN says iVerify as an "instrument against information pollution”, which they describe as an “overabundance” of 'harmful', 'useless' or 'otherwise misleading information' that blunts “citizens’ capacity to make informed decisions”. Identifying information pollution as an issue of urgency, the UN claim. “Misinformation, disinformation and hate speech threaten "peace and security", disproportionately affecting those who are already vulnerable" They further claim.

In recent years, the fact-checking industry has exploded, manifesting in the forms of often partisan, or otherwise compromised, fact-checking and anti-disinformation institutions and organisations. Examples include the government and Gates Foundation-funded Institute for Strategic Dialogue (ISD), the CIA-proxy National Endowment for Democracy (NED)-funded StopFake and internet trust rating-systems like NewsGuard.

Vision News experience with NewsGuard.

We have direct experience of such 'fact-checkers': NewsGuard sent Vision News a series of aggressive emails full of loaded questions, attempting to make us 'comply' with their left wing agenda. The message was clear, adopt the media's left-wing or face being 'blacklisted' by their app. NewsGuard partners with Microsoft and the U.S. Departments of Defence and State, two organisations Vision News has been critical of, leading to our shadow banning by most search engines. Such 'Fact-Checking' organisations have paved the way for the UN's iVerify to be released.

iVerify developers claim their instrument comes with a "number of controls and safeguards to ensure its fact-checking processes are robust and do not inhibit civil liberties." In addition to guaranteeing “triple verification” of materials checked, and pairing fact-checking with the consultation of “all sides”, iVerify’s UNDP page clarifies that it will only debunk incorrect facts, not opinions. This of course is an outright lie, they are deciding what is 'fact' and what is 'opinion' and all three verification 'checks' are done by themselves. Effectively they are 'tripling-down' on information they don't like or feel threatened by, making it even more difficult to speak out against the narrative.

At first glance it appears all honest and robust, but look a little deeper and a frightening reality is taking shape that will be increasingly difficult to stop. The UN are working with Social Media, US intelligence Agencies, big business and political organisations to police the internet. We have seen just how dangerous that is over the last three years.

iVerify’s partners include: Meedan (news media software specialising in shutting down Covid-19 'misinformation') Meta’s CrowdTangle (Facebook) Poynter Institute’s International Fact-Checking Network, (staffed by Left-wing activists) and groups whose funding and support sources suggest alignment with the U.S. and global elite. The Poynter Institute, for example, is funded by U.S. intelligence front the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). And Meedan, which apparently looks to tackle “crises of information trust” and create a “more equitable internet” through research, collaborations and partnerships with newsrooms, fact-checkers and civil society groups that help it “get out in front of new misinformation trends”, is supported by U.K. intelligence proxy Bellingcat, the Meta Journalism Project, and the Omidyar Group, which also has a history of funding CIA-cut outs and other regime change-driving organisations.

In short, the UN IS conspiring with US intelligence agencies, Left wing activists and Big Tech to control the narrative.


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