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UK Government is Hiding Data Showing Jab Causes VAIDS says Whistleblower

Authorities know that the Vaccine causes AIDS and has covered-up the proof.

A researcher with access to UK Health Agencies Vaccine data states that the UK Government have clear evidence that the Covid vaccine is the cause of the sudden rise in AIDS cases, and is actively covering up the proof.

The Whistleblower urgently wrote to Public Health England and Sajid Javid with his findings, saying "Their response was to fail to publish Technical Bulletin 18 on July2 and instead to publish it on July9 and change the frequency of publication to biweekly rather than weekly – an incredible thing to do to a weekly report."

"All the other countries whose data I have seen, publish weekly Covid reports, not biweekly Covid reports. And of course PHE figures never again showed that being unvaxxed gave a lower death rate than being doubly vaxxed."

"There again is the Pfizergate cover up. What should have happened is an immediate investigation comparing the benefits of one dose to that of two doses and zero doses.

One Jab better than Two

But every set of figures I have seen since then, and I have seen very many sets, from very many countries, shows clearly that 1 jab is better than 2. The reason for this I now know. 1 Jab does not give the spikes a large enough advantage over your immune system to start degrading it much. You need two jabs to really kick off the progressive degradation of the immune system."

"If you have only had 1 jab there is no data I have seen showing that you will get VAIDS.

Another common feature to all the Covid stats cover ups I have seen is that the initial stats for each new variant are fairly accurate because the politicians have not yet decided what to do with them and the techies who produce the stats will produce the truth if they are not interfered with by politicians who lie for a living."

'Vaccine causes AIDS'

Now the techies KNOW that their stats show vaccines to be dangerous. But they are smart enough not to tell that to the politicians. The Politicians are too stupid or too lazy or to incurious to discover for themselves that their own stats are destroying their vaccine pushing sales patter.

So they carry on regardless until some media outfit informs the world that their own stats prove that vaccines are killing people. Then rather than stopping that killing, they just rig the stats to cover up the deaths.

I wrote to various branches of PHE and Sajid Javid on 1st July 21 saying –


Here are the PHE data for Delta deaths in the week from June14-June21. Vax status on June 17 was…22% 1 jab and 63% 2 jabs and 15% 0 jabs (at least 21 days previously) –

0 Jabs 38-34 = 4 dead from 3.5m over 50s (15%) 1 Jabs 17-10 = 7 dead from 5.2m over 50s (22%) 2 Jabs 50-26 = 24 dead from 14.9m over 50s (63%)

0 Jabs are 4×63/15×24 = 0.70x more likely to die than 2 Jabs 0 Jabs are 4×22/15×7 = 0.83x more likely to die than 1 Jab 2 Jabs are 24×22/63×7 = 1.20x more likely to die than 1 Jab

So in the week from June14-21, the latest published PHE data, you were better off not being vaccinated. And 1 Jab was better than 2 Jabs. These data are for death with COVID rather than deaths from COVID. There are 23.6m people over 50 in the UK. 1350 of these die every day of all causes. So during 7 days 9450 would die. This is a rate of 0.4 per 1000. Total cases were 976 (0Jabs), 3865 (1Jab), 3546 (2Jabs). So if we deduct those who would have died anyway we get.

0 Jabs 4 – 0.4 = 3.6 dead from 3.5m over 50s (15%) 1 Jabs 7 – 1.5 = 5.5 dead from 5.2m over 50s (22%) 2 Jabs 24 – 1.4 = 22.6 dead from 14.9m over 50s (63%)

0 Jabs are 3.6×63/15×22.6 = 0.67x more likely to die than 2 Jabs 0 Jabs are 3.6×22/15×5.5 = 0.96x more likely to die than 1 Jab 2 Jabs are 22.6×22/63×5.5 = 1.44x more likely to die than 1 Jab

So the best we have for the week from June14-21 from PHE data is that 1 Jab gives the same protection a 0 Jabs. And 2 Jabs make things worse. 24 delta deaths from 2 Jabs compared to 4 delta deaths from 0 Jabs is a disaster.

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