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UK Bans Protests In Step Closer To Police State

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From the Desk of Editor Darren Birks

With the entire population of Britain now under de-facto house arrest, the move to a full-on police state edged even closer with the announcement that protests are now banned.

The London Times reports that a ban on demonstrations of more than two people will be made illegal under the second national lockdown. Now, any form of protest is apparently banned under the emergency measures.

The vagueness surrounding the overturning of a fundamental human right is seriously chilling with a Home Office spokeswoman telling reporters that “the right to peaceful protest is one of the cornerstones of our democracy,” then adding “any gathering risks spreading the disease, leading to more deaths, so it is vital we all play our part in controlling the virus. People must follow the rules on meeting with others, which apply to all gatherings and therefore protests too,”

Yes, really.

While police have been told by the government they will have to break up protests, some officers have expressed concern that the move will only embolden people to take to the streets. A police source told The Times that “this is going to cause a lot of trouble.”

“People are going to be extremely angry and there are concerns they’ll protest the fact they can’t protest,” the source added.

There is a growing number of people who see the pandemic as an excuse to bring in draconian laws in a brazen attempt at controlling the people. Many point to the United Nations and World Economic Forum's 'Great Reset' as the motivation behind this. Certainly the science behind all of these measures does not stack up: taking away the public's fundamental rights to see who they like, associate with who they like, and even sleep with who they like appears to have absolutely nothing to do with health and everything to do with control and suppression of dissenting voices. We looked on at totalitarian governments around the world in the false assurance that such a dystopian nightmare would never befall the British people, how wrong we were.

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