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UK Authorities to Send 'Persuaders' to Home of All 'Refuseniks'

So much for 'freedom of choice'

Vaccine's Minister Nadhim Zahawi is pushing forward with his plan to 'capture' people who have not accepted vaccination offers by instructing local council to visit each 'refusenik' in order to convince them that they should have the vaccine.

Zahawi said previously that he wanted Council officials to convince sceptics “home by home” and that those refusing the vaccine should "expect a knock on the door". Zahawi said the NHS was actively trying to “identify to individual level the people that we need to reach” which appears to be the latest in a long line of rule-bending when it comes to your personal medical records.

Zahawi told MPs that he wanted to use councils to 'seek out' those who had refused the vaccine and see 'what might convince them'. Encouraged by local authorities who successfully deployed door-to-door contact-tracers to find people whom national services struggled to reach. Zahawi is now writing to Councils with his proposals. And don't think that those calling to your home want to engage in a lively debate about the pros and cons of experimental medical procedures because these 'drones' are not likely to be free-thinkers, they'll be sponsored bully-boys employing the same pressure-selling techniques as a double glazing salesman.

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