Tyranny of the Trans Movement

JK Rowling recently felt the full-force of the 'Trans Twitter mob' when she tweeted:

Rowling, a long-time darling of the Left, made the mistake of stating a scientific fact. A fact that, the Trans community have long since been telling more and more far-fetched stories about in an attempt to contradict. Stories that Rowling herself would have been proud of. Stories claiming people are ‘born in the wrong bodies’, that their brains are female whilst their bodies are male, and that if someone says they are a woman, then they have magically become one. Much like Rowling’s own stories, we are expected to suspend belief when entering the Trans world. The laws of biology do not exist in this world. Just as Remus Lupin could change into a werewolf in The Prisoner of Azkaban, so men can magically become a woman if only they ‘believe’ they can.

But, unlike the Potterverse, we all have to participate in this fantasy. We can’t simply close the book, or stop the movie, for this is now becoming a forced reality for all. Imagine, for a moment, that, if you denied Harry Potter was real, that you could be sacked from your job for doing so. Just imagine that it became law that you HAD to believe in the Potter Universe, that if you dared suggest it was not real, that you risked losing your job, and quite possibly have the police knocking on your door. For the women at the heart of Rowling’s tweet, Maya Forstater, that was very much a reality. Forstater brought a claim against the Centre for Global Development and CGD Europe, an international development think tank, after she lost her job as a researcher following comments on Twitter criticising the UK government’s plan to allow people to self-identify their gender. The tribunal, making a preliminary ruling in her case, determined that Forstater's views were not protected as a "philosophical belief" under the Equality Act 2010. The fact that self-evident biological facts are now categorised as ‘philosophical beliefs’ at all is what outraged Rowling and so many others. Stories, that are clearly contrary to science, now have the full weight of law behind them. This is not an isolated case, far from it, this is just the latest in a long line of state-sponsored tyranny on the masses, the masses who believe in biology, who were taught it at school, and who know that body possession is in the realms of Rowling’s novels, and not a scientific fact.

Another Twitter user who unwittingly became the focus of Trans-rage was Harry Miller from Lincoln. Mr Miller was contacted by a Police Officer following a post on his Twitter account. Mr Miller had retweeted a limerick that had included the lines "Your breasts are made of silicone, your vagina goes nowhere.” Now, this limerick may have been crass and in bad taste, but having bad taste is not a crime. The police officer contacting Miller, PC Mansoor Gul, was told that ‘he had not written the limerick’ for which the Police officer replied ‘ah, but you liked and promoted it’. Mr Miller asked if, in doing so, a crime had been committed for which the Officer replied: ‘it’s not a crime, but it will be recorded as a ‘hate incident’’. After Mr Miller questioned why the complainant was repeatedly referred to as the “victim” if no crime had been committed, the most chilling Orwellian response came from the Police officer who said: “We need to check your thinking”.

The officer went on to say “I’ve been on a course and what you need to understand is that you can have a foetus with a female brain that grows male body parts and that’s what a transgender person is.” The Officer seemed to be unaware that there is absolutely no scientific evidence for this piffle whatsoever. This nonsense can easily be disproved with a 2 second google search. The Adult brain in men weighs on average 1370 g and in women about 1200 g. There has never been a recorded case, anywhere on the planet, of a women’s brain being found in a man’s body, or vice versa. If there were, believe me, we would have heard about it. This would have been the smoking gun that proved their story and they would have shouted it from the rooftops. PC Gul seems blissfully unaware that this has nothing to do with the law, and everything to do with a political ideology. An ideology that relies on tools of the state like PC Gul to impose it on an unwitting public.

Up until the 2000s the world Health Organisation classified people with the desire to change sex as having a mental Health condition called Gender Dysphoria. But following years of lobbying and pressure from Transgender groups the subject was reclassified. No new scientific evidence was produced for this, no discovery of a women’s brain in a man’s body as is so often claimed, no biological marker discovered or gene isolated. But what did come was a whole host of pseudoscience and anecdotal evidence that, the constant repeating of, filled the gap where microscopes and test tubes once occupied.