Trump To Present ‘Bombshell’ Evidence That COVID Came From Wuhan Lab

Will also charge that WHO aided Chinese military in covering up the lab leak

As Democrats move to 'shut him up' by impeaching him a second time, Trump is set to declassify ‘bombshell’ evidence linking the Wuhan Institute of Virology to the outbreak of COVID-19, according to a report.

Trump’s outgoing Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is planning to stage an ‘intervention’, outlining evidence that the coronavirus leaked from the Chinese lab, and that the World Health Organisation aided China in covering it up the Daily Mail reports.

Senior officials in Washington are said to have claimed that Pompeo will present concrete evidence that the virus was not transmitted naturally from bats, pangolins or any other animal to humans, but came from inside the lab. Finally proving what many have suspected all along. Pompeo will also disclose the ties between the lab and the communist Chinese army, and claim that military experiments were being conducted there.

But in the most controversial aspect of the report The WHO not only consistently failed to get an investigation off the ground, but actively aided the Chinese Communist government in covering up the disaster.

On Monday, the White House issued a statement noting “The world cannot continue to pay heavy prices for its naiveté and complicity in Beijing’s irresponsible and harmful practices – whether it is ending the rule of law in Hong Kong or not cooperating with health officials on the pandemic.” But this went unreported as the media were pursuing Trump following the Capitol Building invasion. The statement went on “The United States is examining further options to respond”

US National Security officials still believe that the most credible theory on the origin of COVID-19 is that it escaped from the Wuhan laboratory. Something else that the mainstream media have worked hard to make appear 'fake news', and it is likely that, this intelligence dossier will also be labelled fake news by the demented activists who masquerade as independent fact checkers.

US intelligence is said to have been bolstered by testimony from a whistleblower who formerly worked in the Wuhan lab, now providing information to the US team. Whilst reports that the virus had shown to have key-components that indicated it was a 'designer' virus, were erased from Twitter, Facebook and Youtube with the scientists who reported it being hounded out of their jobs.

It previously emerged that the Wuhan lab had held a coronavirus sample that was 96.2 per cent the same as Covid-19 for almost a decade. This prompted speculation about the origin of the virus. It should also be noted that the Wuhan lab was the only such lab of it's type in China, and one of only a handful in the world, meaning the probability of a virus almost identical to one held in the lab emerging via two rare animals before then jumping species to humans from the same location is highly unlikely.

More damning evidence could be the confirmation that the Institute took a shipment of some of the world’s deadliest pathogens just weeks before the outbreak of the coronavirus. It is also known that the lab was tampering with natural pathogens and mutating them to become more infectious.

Chinese intelligence agents have reportedly been searching for a Chinese virologist who recently fled Hong Kong and effectively defected to the West, with evidence against the Chinese Communist Party concerning its role in the COVID-19 pandemic.