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Trans Youtuber Chris Chan to be Jailed in Women's Prison Despite Allegedly Raping 79-Year-Old Mother

Ethan Ralph/Greene County Sheriff's Office

Chan reveals he now has sex with dementia suffering mother “every third night” and that she “enjoys it.”

Transgender YouTuber Chris Chan has been listed as a woman on a police report documenting the alleged rape of his own 79-year-old dementia-suffering mother, and will now be held with female inmates.

The 39-year-old freak, who now calls himself Christine Weston Chandler, was arrested after leaked phone calls emerged in which the YouTuber admitted to having sex with his elderly mother.

Chandler is now being held in Central Virginia Regional Jail alongside 59 other female detainees. The alleged rapist identifying as a woman appears to be of more importance than the safety of the other actual women Chandler will be imprisoned in close quarters with.

“Chandler is biologically male but came out as a transgender woman at the end of 2014,” reports the Daily Mail.

He had been living with his mentally impaired mother Barbara for many years, who Chandler claims “made the first move” before they kissed according to an audio recording posted to an instant messaging platform. “She was partially confused at one point, but then she came around, obviously,” claimed Chandler, before going on to reveal that he now has sex with his own mother “every third night” and that she “enjoys it.”

The alleged rapist said he previously had sex dreams about his mother and approached the situation with “care and caution” before embarking on intercourse with her.

Numerous respondents to the alleged rape took to Twitter to express their disgust – not over the rape – but about the fact that Chan had been “misgendered.”

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