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The NHS has always claimed it's at 'breaking point'.

Every year, almost since the NHS was founded, reports of it being on the brink of collapse have been published. This year, the doom-mongers have gone into overdrive, with even the government using the threat of it as one of the excuses for an entire country's house arrest. One of their pillars for lockdown being "Save the NHS" because they knew just how much emotional investment people have in our National Health Service.

The NHS has been cultivated into some sort of beloved institution, if not an actual religion, complete with it's own fundamentalists sporting red raw hands from all that clapping and who trawl the internet ready to attack anyone who might question their religion.

Now we are meant to believe that the NHS is going to be "overwhelmed" again and is "on the brink of collapse", this time because of the Coronavirus. Anyone who gets their news from mainstream media will tell you. The BBC have lead with this story for several nights over the last 3 weeks, repeating verbatim the NHS press release without questioning the narrative once.

If the BBC, or the Guardian, or C4 or indeed any of the mainstream media had bothered to look at the ACTUAL data, they would have seen that, contrary to the narrative, the NHS is actually quieter than the last two years.

Here's a graph that (tossers) Whitty and Vallance won't show you

Or how about this one:

Or maybe this one

With only the East of England seeing slightly more activity than they did at the same time last year, this really contradicts what we're all being told.

Coronavirus is like a Get Out of Jail for Free card for the NHS: any management error, missed-target or avoidable death can be blamed on Covid. Plus millions in extra funding is being given to hospitals that record covid deaths. Critical Care Beds have been reduced over successive years, whilst some 90,000 doctors and nurses chose to self isolate on the sofa with a tin of quality street on Christmas eve. If there is a crisis in the NHS, then it is one of created by piss-poor management. Fact check that BBC.

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