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The Simple Facts Covid Believers Just Can't Deal With

For the first time in medical history a disease entirely disappeared, only to be replaced by one with exactly the same symptoms. It was the first pandemic that required 24 hours a day marketing to ensure the public didn't forget there was a pandemic at all, for a disease so deadly, you had to be tested to know you even had it.

The public were told to put their trust in the very people profiting from their illness. A bunch of habitual criminals who weren't liable for any injury or death caused by their products. A vaccine so safe you had to be threatened to take it. The ineffectiveness of which was then blamed on the very people who didn't take it.

Anyone who pointed out reality didn't match the wild claims was accused of spreading misinformation. Views so dangerous that they had to be erased entirely from the internet and those that held them blocked from ever uttering them again.

Covid Cultists were convinced that it was more important to restrict their neighbours freedoms than it was their governments. A government who criminalised all social contact for our 'safety' but who have been found, repeatedly, to have carried on socialising themselves because they knew there was no danger.

Yet, despite all that, the Covidian still maintains that Covid is real; that 150,000 people really died of the disease; that pharmaceutical companies only ever have our best interests at heart, that governments never lie, and that the 'vaccine' is perfectly safe.

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Three things I would like to read are: 1) supression of the effective treatments.

2) Why, including where the law and money came from, the hospitals were paid so much more for covid patients?

3) If there is no real Covid virus, what really killed the Nursing Home patients in NY?

Any proof it was just to "get the death rate up"? Those suseptable elderly died of something. Was it standard viral pneumonia? Is their actual mechanism of death different from standard viral pneumonia? If so, why were respirators considered a death sentence.

You see I believe 100% that covid was a fake pandemic based on fear, however you have not convinced me that there is no real covid virus…

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