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The Secret Past Klaus Schwab Doesn't Want You to Know About

Eugenics, Slave Labour, Doomsday Projects, Stolen Nazi Gold, and even Joseph Mengele are all things lurking in Klaus Schwab's past.

There are few people on Earth more hated than Klaus Schwab,  the German born ‘economist’ whose book; The Great Reset, is a thinly veiled plan for world domination that appears more than a bit reminiscent of another book by a German megalomaniac.

Many people have questioned where Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum came from. How, for instance, did he become so fabulously wealthy, and what drove him to develop such a hatred for mankind?

Schwab’s view of other people; the 'proletariat', is equal to any dictator in history.   He regards everyone on earth as beneath him. In Schwab's version of the future those that can be put to work, will be, those that can't (the useless eaters), will be put to death. His obsession with population control is more than just an echo of Mein Kampf, The Great Reset is a plan for the Fourth Reich.
Schwab was initiated into Naziism almost from Birth:  His father, Eugen Schwab, was a high ranking Nazi scientist said to be obsessed with population control. The Schwab home was filled with Nazi literature on how the Germans were 'the master race', and both technically and morally superior. By the time Klaus was born, German science had been entirely corrupted by Nazi ideology.

Klaus Schwab's father gave him the 'idea' for 'Stakeholder Capitalism'.

Klaus schwab was born in Ravensburg, Germany in 1938, to a German father:  (Eugen Wilhelm Schwab) and a Swiss mother (Erika Epprecht).


Ravensburg was where Nazi Eugenics was born. The first clinic for "Racial improvement" was created following a law past instructing doctors to euthanize anyone mentally or physically disabled. those that were later described as "useless eaters" in Nazi literature. Called 'the Law for the Prevention of Progeny with Hereditary Diseases' Nazi doctors began killing almost immediately. By the time Klaus Schwab was born Nazi doctors had murdered thousands and force-sterilised thousands more.

Escher Wyss AG 'National Socialist Model Company'

Previously Schwab had lived in Switzerland but he was such a believer in the Nazi cause, that in 1938 moved to Ravensburg German to assume the role of director at Escher Wyss AG a huge industrial firm making weapons for the Third Reich that Adolf Hitler designated a 'National Socialist Model Company'.

Ran Secret Nazi Doomsday Projects

Eugen Schwab ran several secret doomsday projects for the Nazis including development of a Nuclear Bomb.

Organised Slave Labour

When war broke out Schwab implemented the use of slave labour from POW camps. Reportedly Schwab was particularly sadistic in the role seeing POWs as commodities, often working them to death, justifying it all as being for the socialist cause.

Shipped Nazi Gold to Switzerland

According to Internet archives, Schwab also used the factory as a transport hub for the shipment of Nazi gold to Switzerland. Much of which has never been recovered.

*It is estimated that nearly 91 tonnes (100 short tons) of Nazi gold were laundered through Swiss banks, with only 3.6 tonnes (4 short tons) being returned at the end of the war.[25]

Escaped to Brazil

Despite his crimes Eugen Wilhelm Schwab never faced trial, instead the C.I.A. reportedly buried the evidence in return for that Nazi gold, though this is unconfirmed. Eugen Wilhelm Schwab is known to have moved to Brazil in the 1950s, a country that harboured many Nazis after the second world war. He had sent his eldest son (Klaus Schwab's brother) there in 1943, moving the rest of the family there after the war had ended.

It is not clear where in Brazil he lived during his time there, however according to the National Library of Medicine: Cândido Godói (CG) a small municipality in South Brazil that hosted a great many Nazis after the war was also the site of a continued Nazi Eugenics programme. It was known as the "Twins' Town" due to its high rate of twin births and it is documented that Joseph Mengele, who also escaped to South America, had continued his experiments there.


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