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Prof. Van Tam Received Secret Payment from AstraZeneca During Pandemic

Professor Jonathan Van Tam, the former deputy chief medical officer for England received several thousand pounds from the drugs company AstraZeneca in 2022 whilst he was still in public office we can reveal.

Van Tam, who was the primary adviser for vaccines during the pandemic was regularly seen on UK television spinning scare-stories about imaginary plagues and demanding that everyone got the jab, has now been found to have received payment from the very drugs company that just happened to be selling the plague-cure.

Van Tam accepted £5,892 for 'consultancy' work from the drugs company, which he failed to declare to the public who were lead to believe that he was an impartial 'expert' and not, in fact a salesman, performing an infomercial for big pharma.

Professor Van Tam has since left public office to work for Moderna, another of the Covid vaccine manufacturers.

A history of double-dealing:

Jonathan Van-Tam is another academic with extensive ties to the pharmaceuticals industry having worked directly for, or been funded by GSK, Roche and Aventis Pasteur MSD) and operated in the specific area of influenza and pandemic planning.

Conflict of interest

His senior position in Government wielded a huge amount of power and involved committing vast quantities of taxpayers’ money to projects preparing for theoretical emergencies, just like the one that materialised the minute the ink was dry on his contract. Before going into government Van Tam was a lobbiest for big pharma, lobbying the government to declare a pandemic in 2009 when swine flu was supposedly going to kill us all.

Professor Van Tam’s track record as an ex-employee of Roche, Aventis Pasteur MSD and SmithKline Beecham (now GSK) was excluded from the official DH press release when he took up the roll and has been expunged from public record since. He frequently attends events organised by the European Scientific Working Group on Influenza (ESWI), a well known industry-funded lobbying group. His predecessor in the CMO post, John Watson, was a founding member of ESWI. Van Tam has been a consistent supporter of pharmacological measures to address influenza and as head of the Pandemic Influenza Office at the UK Health Protection Agency in 2004-2007 bears responsibility for decisions which have been heavily criticised by the Public Accounts Committee.

Misconduct in a public office.

According to the crown prosecution service, if found guilty, a person can face life in prison, which should give Van-Tam some sleepless nights.

In 2017 Oxford University epidemiologist Tom Jefferson wrote in the BMJ "In my view it is time that the government and the public took a close look at what is going on in the upper echelons of healthcare planning and delivery in this country and considered imposing substantial time moratorium on hiring workers with close ties to industry. Should such senior appointments not be subject to parliamentary committee scrutiny?

Clearly not. Van Tam, along with Whitty, Vallance, and Ferguson took up all the key positions in the government's pandemic response. All had either worked for, or been funded by, the very pharmaceuticals companies that now provide us with the 'cure' for a raging plague that Van-Tam and his co-conspirators tell us we are experiencing.

Patrick Vallance, a colleague of Van-Tam's at their time working for GSK was found by the Telegraph to have not declared some £600K in shares that he still held as we went into the pandemic in 2020. Vallance said that he'd merely 'forgot' he had them and that he'd cashed in the £2 million prior to taking up his role. Boris Johnson said that this 'oversight' did not amount to a conflict of interest, even though it clearly does. The golden handshake that Van-Tam received will have also involved both a lump sum and a considerable amount of shares. If he still holds shares in any of the big Pharmaceuticals giants he has worked for Covid will have made Van-Tam one of the country's richest men.

When SAGE published their 'conflict of interests' document six of its members refuse to disclose if they had a conflict of interests (i.e. was still in the pay of one or more Pharmaceuticals companies), which should have had them kicked off the committee but not a single person was removed, even when they did admit that they were still receiving money from drugs companies.

The fact that all of 'science' experts are, or have been, in the pay of pharmaceuticals companies puts the press briefings in a very different light. Was Van-Tam telling you to get endless boosters for your safety, or his bank balance?

In 2021 Van-Tam outraged parents when, despite all of the evidence showing that Covid was no threat to young people, began pushing vaccines for teens and children. When youngsters started dying from the experimental gene therapy Van-Tam doubled-down on the message ignoring the evidence and calling those raising the alarm 'conspiracy theorists'. It is now beyond doubt that the Covid-19 'vaccines' pushed relentlessly by Jonathan Van-Tam is the cause of thousands of deaths in the UK and beyond.

Van-Tam stepped down from his role in 2023 complete with knighthood under one arm and a fat pile of cash under the other, thinking that he has got away with his crimes. But even in retirement he may not escape justice. Van-Tam is one of those reportedly named in a criminal investigation into Covid Vaccine Deaths. The case has been brought by Injury victims, global experts and by NHS whistleblowers and has been filed both with British authorities and at the International Criminal Court of the Hague.

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