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THE 'SCIENCE' Says Vaccinating Young People is Dangerous and Stupid so Why Aren't We Following it?

'For their mental health' is not good enough now and never was.

It is now clear, from every study, together with the adverse event reports that vaccinating children against Covid-19 is both dangerous and unnecessary. in 2020 we reported that there were secret plans by the UK Government to vaccinate children right up to 6 months old, regardless of facts. By the time the vaccine rollout reached 16 year olds it was clear that not only was there no risk from Covid, but that there were huge amounts of deaths and serious injuries related to the jab. The science clearly showed the younger and healthier you were, the more likely the jab would destroy you immune system.

Up until this point the UK Government had claimed that everything they did was based on 'the science'. This is how they got away with masks, lockdowns, and multiple vaccines. it was the 'argument from authority' and it was a lie. THE science never proved these things. 'The science' was little more than the orders of pharmaceutical funded technocrats. A wealth of other studies, from those scientists not in the pay of drugs companies concluded that none of it was needed, most of it didn't work and in the case of vaccines, they killed more people than they saved.

But all of that was ignored, entirely, and suddenly 'the science' claim was abandoned, with Chris Whitty giving the most feeble, weak and frankly bizarre 'reason' for the decision. It was not to prevent the child being ill, and it was not so the child didn't spread the disease, but for the good of the child's 'mental health'. Whitty had seen all of the previous reasons he'd given being systematically debunked by independent scientists.

Since that time more studies have proven, not only are children not at any risk from Covid, but that the vaccines are dangerous, very, very dangerous.

Pathologist Claire Craig summed up the loonacy by saying: "46,153,846 need to be vaccinated to prevent one covid death". Tweeting:

"Some basic maths re children and covid: if 0.0013% die with Covid when infected then out of 76,923 infected kids, one will die. If you need to vaccinate 200 kids to prevent one infection then you need to vaccinate 200*76,923 = 15,384,615 to prevent one Covid death.

Omicron is 1/3 as lethal in kids as delta. That number becomes 46,153,846 need to be vaccinated to prevent one covid death. Therefore, if more than 1 kid in 46M dies from vaccination, then you have net negative mortality."

But still the onslaught continues.


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