The Glaring Anomaly in Covid Stats the Government Refuse to Address

When we can all see the glaringly obvious, what do the government and media do? - Ignore it.

Covid-19 is currently the 24th biggest killer in the UK. That is to say there are 23 causes of death more likely to kill you than this bug. Heart attacks, strokes, cancers, seasonal flu, sepsis, and a host of other diseases are all far more likely to punch your ticket than the Coronavirus, yet the Government are only obsessed with number 24 on that list.

Since death-rates have remained minute for months the emphasis has changed from Deaths to Cases. The switch happened some time ago, and now the government, and the media, rarely mention deaths, but broadcast number of 'cases' as if they were deaths. Cases are now given the same gravitas as was previously given to deaths. A subtle bait-and-switch done to keep the public in a state of fear. Now its Cases we supposedly have to stop at all costs. Not deaths, or the NHS becoming 'overwhelmed', just stop cases. The majority of which are so deadly that the patient doesn't even know they have them.

There is a mass of data that, despite the media's best efforts, is available for all to see online. Overwhelmingly these data all show that, not only was the deadliness of Coronavirus vastly exaggerated, but, even if you accept that there was a pandemic, it is well and truly over now. The problem with these data is that they are all in dry, statistical formats, presented in scientific papers meant for other scientists to read. They are not in the easily digestible, slogan-heavy - fact-lite, headline-grabbing format that the government present their data in.

Because the Covid hysterical have sole control of the microphone, there's only one song being sung; that Covid-19 is a deadly plague that is running rampant through the population, killing thousands as it does. Except it isn't. It's currently killing far less people than seasonal flu, or 22 other diseases for that matter.

But even for those who are not scientists, it is easy to see that the government's own graphs fundamentally contradict their narrative. The top graph (below) is the number of confirmed cases: the go-to graph that messers Hancock, Johnson, Whitty and Vallance and the one they refer to whenever they talk about Covid-19 (which is all the time). This chart supposedly shows a dramatic rise in Coronavirus Cases, and yet, they assure us, the discovery of more cases is not because they are doing more tests. No sir! this is definitely proof that the virus is spreading, they say, and the fact that in March they were doing approximately 5000 tests a day and now are doing 250,000 has absolutely no bearing on how many cases they are finding. Pure coincidence then.

It is this sort of stunning logic that has saved us all from the apocalypse thus far, they assure us. Their (constant) implication is that more Cases leads to more deaths. But more Cases are NOT leading to more deaths as the bottom graph screams out at us. Deaths have remained constant, in the handful, since the start of August, as the bottom chart graphically shows. It does not follow the Cases curve at all. From the start of July these two datasets diverge and now there are NO correlations between them whatsoever.


We have been repeatedly told by Whitty and Vallance that the virus is a) still out there b) has NOT mutated (i.e. is the same virus as in March) and c) is spreading at an alarming rate. The virus, they say, has 'not gone away' which makes the bottom two graphs all the more strange. Taking all that as 'true' how do Whitty and Vallance explain the stark contrast between the first and third graphs? Truth is, they don't, they don't even acknowledge there is an anomaly, least still one so large it effectively runs a coach and horses through their reasoning. Go back through any of the press briefings and you will see that they never