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The Child Sexual Groomers Being Supported by Facebook

Have you ever stopped to think about how the slightest hurty-word said about the LGBTQ community will get you banned on Facebook yet the same algorithms can’t seem to find any Paedophiles anywhere?

That is, in case you were in any doubt, not by accident. It is by design. The algorithm is set up to ignore peadophilia content, whilst instantly blocking anyone who says anything against it.

Currently, there are thousands of posts from those who are actively and openly grooming children for sexual gratification, all of which go unhindered by the tech giant. The groomers hide in plain sight, not just ignored by Facebook's algorithm but actually encouraged by it.

The sexualisation of toddlers is the latest thing that Facebook is actively promoting. Posts about how to groom small children into adult sexual practices is left up by Facebook, whilst the word ‘groomer’ has been banned entirely from most social media sites.

Yes, really.

You know that something must be getting dangerously near the truth when it starts being banned on social media.

Over the last decade we have seen the normalisation of sexualising children, particularly by homosexual men who have come up with a new way to get their sexual gratification for preying on children: Drag Queen Story Hour.

Were a hetrosexual man or woman performing overtly sexual acts in front of children for their own sexual gratification there would be a public outcry, however, as it is done by a man dressed as a woman it appears to escape any criticism, censorship or law.

Drag Queens are homosexual transvestites, although a small proportion are transexual. Transvestites gain sexual excitement from wearing women's clothes. It is a sexual fetish, something that has been concealed from public consciousness to make Drag Queen Story Hour acceptable to mums and dads of small children everywhere. Far from it being an innocent activity to teach children about diversity, it is a grown man who gets aroused when satisfying a very particular sexual fetish with children.

This sort of sexual behaviour in front of children is known as autogynephilia: This includes transvestites, drag queens, and male to female transexuals. The men gain a sexual thrill masquerading as women, fine in clubs or in the privacy of their own home, but performing a fetish in front of small children to get a sexual arousal; definitely not acceptable.

Not only are perverts performing in front of children for their own sexual gratification, but they are also exposing them to any number of other perverted sexual practices. Despite the claims of homosexuals that this is an entirely innocent pursuit it is not. far from it. It is grooming and were it a man not dressed as a woman, it would be stopped and the perpetrator arrested. But don a dress and you can stand in front of children with a rubber penis, simulating sex, whilst bringing yourelf to near ajaculation and nobody will bat an eyelid.

Facebook actively support this type of child sexual grooming. In fact, you can book tickets for the next Drag Queen Story Hour through the Facebook app. Say, anything about these perverts, or the risk they pose to children, and Facebook will ban you for 'hate speech', as if hating perverts grooming kids isn't exactly what you should be doing.

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