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The Best Series to Watch in Lockdown Right Now

Take a break from the pandemic news with these gems you can watch right now



Like a modern day Starsky & Hutch, the two stars Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters - (Bishop and Pike) wisecrack their way through this offering from Sky. The action is good, the dialog witty and the pace is fast. The only flaw in the first series was it only had 6 Episodes.

TREADSTONE - Amazon Prime

There was a time when TV spin-offs of major blockbusters were awful, not anymore. This Jason Bourne spin-off has all the production values and quality of a Hollywood movie, thanks to the bottomless pit of money Amazon appears to have.

JACK RYAN - Amazon Prime

Amason's other Movie-turned-streaming-series, Jack Ryan, also has the production values and cinematography of any current Hollywood movie. Not as fast-paced as Treadstone, the stunts, when they do come, are spectacular. The first series is also available on Prime.



Based on the novel by Harlan Coben, The Stranger is the story of a man, played by Richard Armitage, whose world is turned upside-down when a young girl enters his life. It's one you'll binge-watch.


Erasing the memory of the dreadful BBC adaptation of the classic novel, this offering from Fox deviates from the story considerably, but is none the worse for that. It is well worth a watch, even if it's apocalyptic-theme may feel a little too close to home for some.

COBRA - Sky One and Netflix

Yes, we know this is another apocalyptic drama but Sky's Cobra shouldn't suffer because of timing. It's a mini-series that follows the UK Prime Minister during a devastating power-cut that sees the country quickly descend into chaos. Streamable from Sky or Netflix.


AFTER LIFE - Netflix

The sitcom about a suicidal local newspaper reporter was a real gem in the Netflix lineup. Said by many to be Gervais’s finest work, it mixes razor-sharp humour with pathos in a way no other sitcom of the 21st century has managed to do. After Life will return for a second series on 24th April 2020. Season one is still available.

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