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Sunak Backs $1 Trillion Climate ‘Reparations’ that Include China Being Compensated for Bad Weather

Rishi Sunak is supporting the idea of Britain paying 'reparations' to countries that claim to have been affected by climate change, which currently stands at the entire world.

On Sunday, at the meeting in Egypt, U.K. negotiators backed a last-minute agreement to address “loss and damage” payments to countries badly affected by climate-related disasters.

Rishi Sunak will pledge £65.5 million of British taxpayers' money to green technology in developing countries at the conference today.

The Prime Minister will say: “By honouring the pledges we made in Glasgow, we can turn our struggle against climate change into a global mission for new jobs and clean growth. And we can bequeath our children a greener planet and a more prosperous future. That’s a legacy we could be proud of.”

Britain has increasingly become the target of climate change zealots who claim that because Britain invented industrialisation they are guilty of destroying the planet. Pakistan is leading a push by developing countries including Bangladesh and the Maldives for compensation from richer countries who claim they are responsible for most of the world’s pollution. According to sources in Downing Street China will be included as one of those receiving reparations from us, a country that is the biggest polluter on the planet, has an economy six times the size of the U.K. and is the most heavily industrialised country on Earth.

The U.K. backed the issue being on the COP27 agenda during two days of negotiations ahead of the Egypt summit and is understood to accept that a deal must be done over the economic cost of climate change, which is forecast to reach $1 trillion by 2050.

On Sunday night, a Downing Street source said Mr Sunak planned to “scale up progress and support” for developing countries suffering the worst effects of global warming.

The Prime Minister will come under pressure in Egypt to agree to a costly deal on reparations at the same time as he draws up plans for sweeping domestic tax rises and spending cuts.

On Sunday night, Treasury sources said Jeremy Hunt had signed off up to £35 billion in spending cuts and up to £25 billion in tax hikes to fill an estimated financial black hole of £60 billion.

Climate Communism.

Redistribution of wealth on a worldwide scale is the latest ploy by neo-Marxists. The head of the UN, António Guterres, is a Communist, as is Klaus Schwab, and eco goblin Greta Thunberg, The plan for reparations is merely confiscating the wealth of the rich on a grand scale.

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