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So It Begins: UK Man Arrested For Not Wearing Mask

“You’re all gonna be under a bloody dictatorship!”

A shocking video from the UK shows a man being arrested outside a Starbucks for not wearing a mask. The victim is heard asking police officers where they were during the Black Lives Matter demonstrations, probably because coronavirus rules were entirely ignored by authorities for those events.

UK COVID-19 regulations state that masks must be worn when entering shops, but there is no requirement to wear a mask outside. It was reported by bystanders the man became embroiled in an argument with a Starbucks employee after being told to wear a mask.

He is heard to say “It takes two of you to arrest a 72-year-old man, what a pair of fucking heroes,” as he is being handcuffed, adding “Bet you lot weren’t up in London for the fucking BLM,” The man then asks the officers if they bowed for BLM.

In a chilling last statement the man is heard saying “This is what’s going to happen to all of you soon, you’re all gonna be under a bloody dictatorship in about 6 months time you’ll all be getting this!”

As we reported earlier this month, Piers Corbyn, the 73-year-old organiser of the ‘Unite For Freedom’ anti-lockdown protests, was arrested and fined £10,000. However, BLM organiser Sasha Johnson has repeatedly flouted the same rules and has received no fines or arrests.

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