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Smart Meters Allow Government to Remotely Switch-off Your Heating and Car Charger Says Tech Expert

Government denies it was installing smart meters to take direct control of your heating.

A tech expert, working in the power industry has told reporters that the UK government can turn off your power via the smart meter you were coerced into having. Not only that but even has the capability to prevent your heating being turned up beyond a temperature it decides, and can reduce power to a trickle with the flick of a switch, all done remotely, and without your knowledge or consent.

In 2020, long before the war in Ukraine, the government's plan was leaked to the press, but due to the scamdemic, went unnoticed. The plan would give the government the ability to switch off high usage devices such as electric vehicle chargers and central heating systems. These 'modifications' to the smart meter code were drawn up as a 'response' to an energy emergency, some TWO YEARS before that emergency existed.

The plan included giving authorities the right to decide when they consider the grid to be in a state of 'emergency' and the power to switch off high usage electrical devices such as electric vehicle chargers and central heating systems in British homes.

Ofgem claimed that it was only an idea, and that the millions of smart meters already installed in British homes did not have that capability, however, a tech insider who helped design the system, has told journalists that the current system does indeed have the functionality, and more besides.

Smart meters have been pushed by the Government relentlessly over the past five years, but appeared to have little or no benefit to the consumer other than as a 'running totaliser' leading to sceptics wondering what the true purpose of the devices was. Now it emerges that those who were called cynical by officials have been proved right once again.

"The idea that the data only goes one-way is simply not true" the tech expert has said, adding "these are not dumb-terminals, they are capable of controlling what power you can have, and what you use it on" These 'modifications' mean that electric vehicle owners could plug in at the end of the day and wake up without sufficient charge to travel the next morning.

Currently, consumers are entitled to compensation if their power supply is cut off, but under 'Emergency' legislation, this recompense would likely be scrapped.

When the plan was leaked, power companies argued that networks must be given these powers if major power cuts are to be avoided as the UK switches from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources, again, this was in 2020, long before the war in Ukraine supposedly plunged us into the current emergency. The plan claimed that 'distributor smart intervention' would be a 'last resort, emergency measure, to protect customers' security of supply and the network assets'. In simple terms; cutting off people's power is to 'protect' them in an emergency.

Clementine Cowton of Octopus Energy said "They want to reach into our homes and turn stuff off when it suits them."

With smart meters in our homes, they have the tech to do it right now and are expected to use the tech as an ongoing measure against 'climate change' as part of the Net Zero agenda.


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