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Six People Died in Pfizer’s Late-Stage Trial of COVID-19 vaccine FDA Revealed

But do not worry say scientists, the deaths all represented events that occurred in the general population at a 'similar rate'. Likewise, the two heart attacks that occured after being given the vaccine are unlikely to be related say the FDA.

However, there were also four cases of Bell's Palsy, a rare condition causing paralysis of one side of the face that resembles a stroke. As with the the deaths, heart attacks, and anaphylactic shocks witnessed, these have been dismissed as 'not statistically significant'.

The FDA released the 53-page briefing report on Wednesday morning and is the first detailed analysis of the vaccine trial by Pfizer and BioNTech in the US. In the document the FDA reiterate Pfizer's claim that the vaccine is 95% effective, but have not run independent trials on the vaccine, merely taking the word of the drugs giant. The 95% claim is writ large on Pfizer's website, and it has been mentioned in the same breath as the 43000 who volunteered to take part in the trial by the media, however the actual claim is based on just 170 people. The Pfizer document states:

In case you missed it; THERE'S your 95% efficacy. 8 from 170. not the 43000 that was implied. The entire figure broadcast around the world resting on the health of just 8 people.

It is unclear if these numbers included those that died, but we are assuming it does as they may be dead but it still counts.

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