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Shocking: Mother of Sick Child Denied Seeing Him by NHS Staff for Not Being Vaccinated

NHS zealots leave mother distraught.

A mum from Leicester has claimed she was prevented from seeing her sick baby son in hospital 'because she isn't vaccinated.'

The mother recorded a heartbreaking Facebook video on Thursday morning in floods of tears while walking down some stairs at Leicester Royal Infirmary. Her video, which has since been picked up on Twitter and seen 181,000 times, has prompted angry comments from a number of people online, questioning why the hospital would choose to keep a mother from her seriously ill son.

Rules are rules

Leicester Royal Infirmary tonight told LeicestershireLive they have sympathy for the family, but need to follow guidelines to ensure the safety of patients.

In the mum's heart-rending video, she says she would not let staff 'swab' her seven-month-old son, but he tested positive for Covid-19 after "secretions on his chest" were sent for analysis. She added the hospital would not allow her 'onto the ward at all' unless she did a lateral flow test.

'PLEASE can somebody help me?'

The mum then broke down into tears, saying she was told she couldn't see her baby because "she wasn't vaccinated", adding that he was in intensive care and needed advice. Speaking in the video, she said: "Please can somebody help me? Basically I wouldn't let them Covid swab [my son] but they took some secretions off his chest and sent them off for analysis, and now he's tested positive for Covid.

"They didn't let me on the ward at all unless I did a lateral flow test, so I provided a lateral flow test so I could see my son."

"I need some advice, because surely this isn't normal, they can't do that. He's seven months old and in intensive care and now they've kicked me out the hospital and I can't be with my baby. I need some advice, I need some help or legal assistance or something because they can't do this."

Just following orders

Leicester Royal Infirmary Acting Chief Nurse Eleanor Meldrum said: “This has been a very difficult situation for all involved and our thoughts are with the family at this time. Through our visiting guidance, we support parents or guardians to be with their child in intensive care as much as we are safely able to."

"Vaccinated and unvaccinated visitors who maintain mask-wearing, test negative and are not isolating due to Covid, can be with their child to support the best interests of both the parent and the child, whilst balancing the risks in an environment of other vulnerable patients."

“Mask wearing continues to be required across our hospitals in line with national healthcare guidance to keep our very vulnerable patients, visitors and colleagues as safe as possible and to limit the transmission of respiratory viruses.”

The Leicester Royal Infirmary's guidance for visitors was updated on February 1, two days before the mum posted her video.


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Are they positive the secretions on his chest are from him? It could easily be from someone else leaning over him, a member of staff with an agenda maybe!

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