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NHS Bosses Plan 'No Jab, No Treatment' Policy to Force 'Anti-Vaxxers' to Comply

No Jab, no kidney.

NHS Bosses have drawn up plans for winter 2021 that include withholding treatment for unvaccinated people until such times as they get both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine, in an effort to ensure the NHS is not overwhelmed this winter.

The plan emphasises that the NHS is a finite resource and claims it would merely be 'prioritising' patients to best manage it. The proposal suggests: 'Since the early stages of the covid-19 pandemic, urgent attention has been given to expediting the approval and provision of treatments that are shown to prevent or limit the harms that people experience when they contract covid-19. Such treatments have both reduced the burden of disease and lessened rates of mortality. As with any treatments within a healthcare system, these come against considerations of rationing and prioritisation. Any treatment is a finite resource, and in some instances there may be insufficient supply to provide it to all people who might benefit clinically. How, in such instances, may the NHS best, and most fairly, allocate a limited resource?

It is clearly the case that people’s risk of becoming unwell with covid-19 is higher if they are not vaccinated. Where people have refused vaccination for reasons relating to so-called anti-vaxx sentiments, could provide an ethical rationale for de-prioritisation if they are sick with covid-19 and there is a limited supply of treatment?'

The plan goes on to say that Vaccine Passports have been introduced 'successfully' in other situations such as football stadiums and nightclubs, and that similar policies are being adopted in other countries with equal success.

The plan is likely to bypass parliament by leaving the decision to local NHS Trusts, with the refusal being classified as a 'clinical decision' not official government policy.

But any such decision creates a Health Apartheid and fundamentally destroys the relationship between the patient and the NHS. A policy of "de-prioritising" people who have refused the vaccine, which is their right, would necessarily change a vital and fundamental principle of Healthcare in Britain. It is clearly spelled out in the NHS Constitution for England that the organisation is founded on the core idea that healthcare should be freely accessible to all who need it at the point of delivery. It is not based on ability to pay, and it certainly isn't built on moral or social judgment about more or less deserving patients, or that NHS managers get to choose who gets treated and who doesn't based on their personal bias and Marxist ideology. The idea that 'anti-vaxxers' can be refused healthcare, something that they will have paid for with taxes, is abhorrent and must never be allowed to go ahead.

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