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Second Booster Totally Useless After Just Eight Weeks Independent Study Finds

Doesn't provide any protection against Covid but is more likely to kill the recipient.

Protection against infection from a fourth Pfizer vaccine dose drops to ZERO in just eight weeks, an Israeli study published in the NEJM has found. Even more shocking, after that immunity starts to show negative numbers, that is to say, having a fourth jab lowers your immune system overall, making you more susceptible to illnesses.

The researchers looked at the records of all 1,252,331 people over 60 in Israel eligible for the fourth dose during the Omicron wave (January 10th to March 2nd 2022). They excluded various groups, including those with prior test-positive Covid to avoid confounding with natural immunity.

They compared infection rates and severe cases in the four-dose group to the three-dose group, and also to an “internal control” in the form of the four-dose group in the first week after the jab (excluding the first two days). They provided estimates of rate ratios (a measure of vaccine effectiveness) adjusted for age, sex, demographic group, and calendar day (to take into account the varying prevalence over the epidemic wave).

They found that although some fleeting protection against infection appeared to occur, it peaked two to three weeks after the injection (blue dots in the chart below) and was gone by the eighth week.

The adjusted rate of infection in the eighth week after the fourth dose was very similar to those in the control groups; the rate ratio for the three-dose group as compared with the four-dose group was 1.1 (95% CI, 1.0 to 1.2), and the rate ratio for the internal control group as compared with the four-dose group was only 1.0 (95% CI, 0.9 to 1.1).

Enhanced protection against severe illness, on the other hand, persisted for the six weeks of the study (red dots above), the researchers observe. However, they sound a note of caution, pointing out that the effectiveness of earlier doses was found to wane quickly. A CDC study found that two doses were only 38% effective against hospitalisation with Omicron after six months, while another study found vaccine effectiveness against emergency department admission with Omicron waned to 41% with two doses after six months and to 48% with three doses after three months.

It doesn't end there though. The European Medicines Agency have warned that 'endless boosters' can cause the destruction of a person's immune system, warning that the practice can cause Vaccine Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (VAIDS).

The EMA called a press conference to make the announcement, which of course went unreported by the mainstream media. Marco Cavaleri of the European Medicines Agency’s (EMA) said:

“There is an emergency discussion around the possibility of giving a second booster dose with the same vaccine currently in use. Data has not yet been generated to support this approach,” Cavaleri told a media briefing.

“We have not yet seen data with respect to a fourth dose,” he added. “We would like to see this data before we can make any recommendation, but at the same time we are rather concerned about a strategy that [involves] repeated vaccinations within a short term.”

Cavaleri went on to express concern that repeated vaccinations doled out within tight time frames were not a sustainable long term strategy to defeat the pandemic.

The health official said that if the current policy of rolling out new booster shots every four months were to continue, “We will end up potentially having problems with immune response and immune response may end up not being as good as we would like it to be, so we should be careful in not overloading the immune system with repeated immunisation.”

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