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Scientists Call for Masks and Lockdowns to Return to "Save the NHS" Again.

It used to be called 'being healthy', but in 2020 healthy was reclassified as 'Asymptomatic'.

Once healthy people were included in the pandemic lie, scientists could give any number as an estimate of weekly 'covid cases.' After all healthy people had exactly the same amount of disease as the infected. Those same Healthy/Asymptomatic people were like Schrodinger's cat, both counted as infected and cured at the same time dependant on what narrative they wanted to push that week.

The public have moved on, distracted by faux wars and £8000 a year energy bills but Covid bandwagon is far from over with Scientists still pushing the pandemic lie. This week they renewed calls for Covid restrictions to be brought in next winter after a 'study' using the same Healthy/Asymptomatic assumption, found most people infected with the virus were infectious for longer than previously thought. Put another way, healthy people continued to be Asymptomatic for longer than previous stated.

The new study has been done by our old friends at Imperial College London, who have repeatedly churned out this nonsense over the last two years. Most recently, claiming that Lockdowns saved 250,000 lives in the UK, using the very same Schrodinger's cat technique.

Professor Ajit Lalvani, from Imperial College London and the lead author of the study, recommended people isolate for five days and do not leave isolation until they have tested negative twice on lateral flow tests.

It came after Tony Blair's Institute for Global Change urged the government to consider 'mandatory mask wearing on public transport and most indoor public venues' to reduce pressures on the NHS this winter.

Whilst the World Health Organization (WHO) has urged people to 'wear a mask and maintain social distancing', adding: 'Learning to live with Covid-19 does not mean pretending it's not there.'

Why should this matter? Because these charlatans still have a huge amount of power over governments and all our lives, we cannot dismiss covid as yesterday's news, not when these criminals are still pushing the lie, and still wanting to subjugate the public, we have to be vigilant and say no, we won't be fooled again.

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