Save Your Children From Mad Scientists

Dr Smith, the pedophile from Lost in Space

SAGE are actively suppressing the risk of death and serious injury to children from the vaccine.

The Joint Committee of Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) in the UK say that the government should hold off authorising injecting our children till further data becomes available, their new recommendations on vaccinating under-18s are expected this week.

The government has already produced behavioural change plans for children, and classroom materials have already been developed which could be described as vaccine propaganda aimed at children.

Whilst the multi-pronged attack claims that parents concerned about an experimental drug being forced on their children for an illness that they don't have are 'conspiracy theorists'.

Indeed the Stephen Hawking Foundation lent its aid on the prejudiced premise that all vaccine doubts are rooted in conspiracy theories.

It also appears that children expressing hesitation about the Covid-19 vaccine can be reported to PREVENT the safeguarding organisation supposedly set up to help families who may be groomed for terrorism.

The propaganda ignores the death rate statistics, and the fact that, the younger you are the more likely you are to be killed by the vaccine. Evidence points to the same strong immune system which protects children from Covid may make them more likely to suffer from vaccine harm.

The propaganda also ignores the evidence that doesn't support its message. For example; only two in every million children have died with Covid during the pandemic, hence their vulnerability has never provided a justification for injecting them. Ever. So let us be entirely clear, the entire premise of the argument for administering an experimental drug to children and babies, is for the supposed good of other people. That's right, they want you to submit your child to an untested medical procedure for the good of other people's health. At the very least that is some sort of Marxist doctoring that goes against medical ethics, because nowhere else in medicine are you expected to undergo any medical procedure entirely and exclusively for the benefit of other people. But here, right now, that is exactly what mad scientists are attempting.

A child’s health should never be put at risk solely for the benefit of adults, especially as there is no need for it to be anyway. The idea that children transmit Covid is a lie. This falsehood relies entirely on Asymptomatic transmission facilitated by tests that don't work. The media, championed by the BBC are also helping spread the lie that 'children are now susceptible to the virus' when they are not, if the bug even exists children are not bothered by it. It is easy to claim old people died from any spector, but children rarely die of illnesses not congenital, so the opportunity to fake a pandemic is reduced, hence the concoction of convoluted stories about children being carriers, asymptomatic transmissions and any number of other made-up 'evidence' to justify the injecting of your children.

The facts are children are less likely to transmit covid than adults. Teachers were no more likely to catch covid than any other equivalent age and sex adjusted group. And as the JCVI reported, there was almost no transmission within schools.