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Sadiq Khan Uses Mask Heavies to Intimidate Local Residents into ULEZ Compliance

This is not the first time he has used fear and intimidation tactics to enforce his ‘far-left’ agenda.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has hired a gang of masked-thugs to enforce the ULEZ scheme according to the mail online.


Homeowners in suburban London have reported that a 'gang of heavies' , masked-up and dress all in black, have begun turning up outside schools, council buildings and even private homes in an attempt to intimidate local residents. The sinister-looking 'thugs' have been employed by London Mayor Sadiq Khan to help enforce his hated Ultra Low Emissions Zone. They have also been seen recording passersby on body cameras, seemingly gathering evidence for future 'crimes' as residents try to go about their lawful business.

The Conservatives have said that this amounts to  ’intimidation' and promised they will scrap the Ulez expansion if they win the mayoral election next May.

TfL claim the guards are "necessary to protect Ulez cameras from the Blade Runners." and are held to 'high standards of professionalism". Probably in much the same way STASI operatives were held to 'high standards of professionalism' in East Germany during the 1960s.

Mother-of-five Claire Dyer, 47, from Biggin Hill in Bromley, claimed concerned residents lived in fear of the ULEZ protection gang. She told MailOnline: "You have thuggish security - they don't need to be behaving the way that they are.  'All you can see is their eyes. They are wearing masks and balaclavas - even that might have skeletons on them.  'Dressing all in black with body cameras all in masks." adding "They seem to be above the law. They say they are a TFL representative but they don't actually work for TFL. It's such a grey area."  

Ms Dyer went on to say: "'Why are they trying to harass people? We are not aggressive or violent, just everyday people. We are not hardened criminals." "It feels like there has been a direct order to get us accused of something we haven't done]"

This is just the latest move by Khan who appears to be totally out of control.  This is not the first time he has used fear and intimidation tactics to enforce his ‘far-left’ agenda.  In 2021 he sent 2 metropolitan police detectives to arrest a men in LEEDS who posted some ‘hurty words on Twitter’.   Other police officers from the Met have intimidated others by phoning them to ‘advise’ them that their comments on social media were a no-crime hate-incident’ and that they could be in big trouble if they didn’t take it down.   

Khan signed-up London to the C40 City agenda which circumvents nation democracy instead it implements a neo-Marxist agenda at a 'local' level always under the guise of some innocent domestic policy. Employing your own paramilitary group to enforce laws that nobody voted for is merely the latest stage in the plan. As 2030 approaches expect to see more and more extreme measures to be taken to impose their rule.


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