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Eco-Marxists imposing Communism under the pretence of a 'Climate Emergency'.

C40 bills itself as " a global network of mayors of the world’s leading cities that are united in action to confront the climate crisis" .

Premised on a lie, C40 CITIES are the latest attempt to install Marxism in the west by the bypassing of it's democracy altogether. Seizing cities at the municipal level enables Marxists to circumvent any nation's democracy. Administrations elected to deliver municipal services are now using those elections to impose Communism by stealth.

The C40 City Network have so far seized power in 96 Cities, and boast they already control 20% of the global economy. Cities already seized include: Hong Kong; Berlin; Los Angeles ; Mexico City, and London.

The entire raison d'être of the C40 City plan is to bring an end to Capitalism and install a Communist regime. They are quite open about the fact that, In that regime, every aspect of your life will be controlled by them.

The 15 minute city agenda is just one aspect of the plan, a way of getting the public accustomed to what comes next.

The document THE FUTURE OF URBAN CONSUMPTION IN A 1.5°C WORLD' contains plans to enforce calorie intake to 2500 per person per day, ban the consumption of meat, outlaw private car ownership entirely, restrict plane travel to 1 trip every 3 years, and only being allowed to buy a maximum of three items of clothing a year.

'Urban consumers'.

In true communist style you are no longer an individual. Not even a person. You are an 'Urban Consumer' The C40 plan contains page after page listing all the ways that 'urban consumers' are offending the Maxist's sensibilities by doing things like; eating, travelling, buying clothes, driving, and going on holiday. This just happens to be the very things that almost all westerns do but the very same things that must be outlawed to 'save the planet.'

'Consumption interventions'.

The plan is very clear, to stop this (capitalist) lifestyle there needs to be what they refer to as 'Consumption interventions' stating: "To deliver the consumption interventions identified in Chapter 6 it will be necessary for multiple city actors, including residents, governments and business, to collaborate. In many cases, actions are interdependent."

Food Rationing
Clothes Rationing
One Holiday Every Three Years
No Meat
No Private Car Ownership

Unsurprisingly, although this is a far-left political movement the BBC have signed up to be a partner.

The BBC was George Orwell's inspiration for 'The Ministry of Truth' in 1984.

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