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Rishi Sunak's Link to World Economic Forum is a Threat to Every Freedom-Loving Brit

Sunak will impose 'the Great British Reset' on its people complete with Climate Change Laws, social credit scores, and programmable money that can be 'switched off' if you exceed your Carbon rashion.

Rishi Sunak may look like a grinning idiot, but he is a very dangerous man indeed. His plans to 'Reset' the economy, something he wrecked in the first place, echo that of Klaus Schwab himself, complete with Individual Carbon Credit tax, programmable money, and mass surveillance. Sunak is every bit the 'young global leader' Schwab boasts he has control of in Government's around the world.

Sunak's family own INFOSYS a tech company that is working on an 'Individual Carbon Footprint Tracker' that will monitor your consumption, travel, and lifestyle and issue you with a 'climate score'.

The system will be the tracker of a 'mandatory' personal carbon allowance, effectively a hi-tech form of rationing controlling every area of your life via an app that records your travel, heating expenses and even the food you eat.

Coupled with the Climate Score app Rishi Sunak has a plan for Programmable Money, another WEF idea involving control. Sunak announced the system in April but went unreported by the mainstream media who were distracting the world with faux war in Ukraine.

Sunak announced the plan for 'programmable money' during the G7 Summit, with some insiders suggesting that this is the real reason for Johnson's departure. Called Central Bank Digital Currency CBDC the crypto currency is described by Sunak as:

"a digital version of money, a bit like a digital bank note, that could be used alongside physical notes and coins" adding "but unlike most of the digital money used today it would be issued by a central bank, like the Bank of England in the UK"

Sunak goes on to say "and Governments across the world are working together looking into what having a digital currency might mean in practice.. [it] would offer consumers new ways to pay in the future."

In reality, this would enable Sunak to 'switch off' your bank account were you to break the social credit laws in any way.

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