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Rishi Sunak's claims of being a 'lockdown sceptic' is pure lies.

Rishi Sunak speaking to the Spectator magazine has said it was wrong to “empower scientists” to such a degree during the pandemic, and claims that "he spoke" out in government about the costs of lockdown.

"I was the only lockdown sceptic in cabinet"

In the interview the former Chancellor claims that he was banned from discussing the “trade-offs” of plunging the country into restrictions, such as missed doctor appointments and mounting NHS backlogs. He claimed he became “very emotional” at times about the damage closing schools would cause to children, but said his objections were met with a “big silence” from colleagues.

Recalling discussions at the heart of the Government during the early days of the pandemic, Mr. Sunak said: “Those meetings were literally me around that table, just fighting. It was incredibly uncomfortable every single time.”

Sunak then goes on to claim he believed that one of the major mistakes of the pandemic was to allow the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) to have so much sway over policy. He goes on to claim that the minutes from SAGE meetings were edited so that dissenting voices were not included in the final draft. Convenient.

Records show the truth.

Whilst he can now claim that he was (passionately) against lockdowns his voting record tells a very different story. If he was so dead against lockdowns why didn't he vote against them? The Parliament voting record, which is available online, shows Rishi Sunak giving the thumbs up to every lockdown, every mandate, and every new government power. In truth the record clearly shows that Rishi Sunak was at the very heart of the Scamdemic, who happily plunged us into the nightmare we are now in.


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