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Rishi Sunak Begins Rewriting History and His Part in the Scamdemic

Rishi Sunak is now attempting to rewrite history, firstly to deny that he is the cause of the biggest economic crisis Britain has faced since the war, and now that he 'saved' the country from Lockdown.

Let's not forget, Sunak was Chancellor during the entire scamdemic and the creator of the Furlough scheme, paying over eleven million people to stay at home for months on end to avoid an imaginary plague. In doing so guaranteed that taxes and inflation would rocket, cripple the economy and put everyone into debt for a generation.

Sunak now claims that 'everyone knew' Furlough would raise taxes, but that is blatantly untrue. Firstly the eleven million people sat on their arses watching Netflix didn't think for a minute how their 'freeby' would be paid for. Likewise every news outlet, left or right, supported the scheme painting Sunak as some sort of great saviour, and nobody questioned where the money was coming from. The millions at home were happy, the Covidians were happy, the socialists were happy, and Sunak himself was happy. This almost guaranteed that one day he'd become Prime Minister, buying eleven million votes will do that for anyone.

The country appeared to collectively forget that there's no such thing as a free lunch, but now, even as inflation shoots past 11% many appear still not to understand what is happening and, unbelievably, Sunak is still reminding us of Furlough, painting the economic disaster as 'saving jobs'.

The former Chancellor was also part of Boris Johnson's mad Net Zero agenda, with 'Green taxes' implemented to 'punish' consumers who continued to drive a car and heat their home with fossil fuels. 53p in a single litre of petrol and around 25% of Gas and Electricity in real-terms. Household fuel bills are going to be £3000 for the average family by January, but this, Sunak claims, is due to global markets and the war in Ukraine, and nothing to do with him.

Now, Sunak is claiming that he was against Lockdowns. The smirking globalist who facilitated them is now claiming that he was opposed to the idea, and that he 'saved' the country from more in 2021.

In an interview with Andrew Marr on LBC, the former Chancellor said that last December he cut short an overseas trip and flew back to London to intervene and “stop us sleepwalking into a national lockdown”.

“We were hours away from a press conference that was going to lock this country down again because of Omicron,” he said. “And I came back and fought very hard against the system, because I believe that would be the wrong thing for this country, with all the damage it would have done to businesses, to children’s education, to people’s lives.”

Sunak was front and centre in the entire Scamdemic, getting millions hooked on state handouts, conspiring with big pharma to rob taxpayers of billions and crippling the economy, all in just two years. And that is only the beginning of what he has planned: WEF's Social Credit System and Programmable Money anyone?

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