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Rishi Sunak Raids Your Pension to Pay for Covid Pandemic

Don't say we didn't warn you.

Rishi Sunak, hailed by Covidians as 'the greatest chancellor in history' because he paid for them to sit on their arses for a year, is about to begin clawing back that money by robbing everyone of their pension.

Polls have shown Covidians who also just happen to be the middle class home-county gimps who can work from home and have been least affected by lockdowns, are those most supportive of Sunak's Socialist-style spending, and, will be least affected when he starts clawing back the billions he's spent.

Sunak is believed to be looking at several different ways of raising money to pay for his spending frenzy during the pandemic. One that is 'front runner' according to Whitehall officials is to raid the nation's pensions. It is thought that retired people are less likely to fight back and are something of an easy target so are likely to be footing much of the bill for Covid.

However, Downing Street has repeatedly dismissed the possibility of scrapping the “triple lock” system brought in to give pensioners something near to a normal standard of life, but, as we know, repeated denial has almost guaranteed something will happen, as it's a characteristic of this government.

The Covid response has, so far, Cost the british taxpayer £317 BILLION, and it looks like there is no end to it. The Treasury have earmarked another £53 billion just until September 27th. Sunak, appears to have absolutely no idea what he is doing, or why he is doing it. This is already the worst financial crisis in peace time for 300 years, and plans to keep up this scamdemic stretch into 2023 which, at current burn rate, will have effectively destroyed the countries economy beyond salvage.

According to The Daily Telegraph, the Treasury is drawing up plans to change the way pension contributions are taxed. One proposal is to slash the pensions lifetime allowance from £1,073,100 to around £800,000. Pension savings above the allowance are taxed at 55 per cent if taken out as a lump sum or 25 per cent if paid in any other way. Another plan involves reducing the level of pension tax relief available to higher-rate taxpayers from 40 per cent to 20 per cent.

The third proposal involves new taxes on employer pension contributions. Pension tax reform could be included in Rishi Sunak’s next autumn statement due in November, “well-placed figures” reports The Telegraph.

Several commentators have warned that the furlough scheme would cause rampant inflation, and that we were saddling our children and our grandchildren with massive, life changing debt to pay for this folly, but those voices were drowned out, or silenced, by the Covidians who've had a 'good pandemic'.

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