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Did SAGE Meddle in the Budget?

Who exactly is running the country? Because it is clear from Rishi Sunak’s disastrous budget that it’s not him or Boris Johnson.

The Budget was full of SAGE created diktats leading some to suggest that the scientific advisory group is now running the country by de facto.

SAGE, who have known Communists within their ranks, have been accused of a secret political agenda, using Covid as an excuse to impose Marxism on an unsuspecting public. They certainly appear to have their fingerprints all over the budget, with Lockdowns continued, despite what we’d been promised, and a trial-run of the Universal Basic Income disguised as the Furlough ‘help package’ it is almost impossible to deny any longer.

SAGE claim their guidance 'does not cover the coordination, provision or use of other types of advice during emergencies, such as economic assessments and information from the intelligence agencies' , but we know that the economy is now entirely controlled by the Coronavirus ‘response’ and that Intelligence Services have been actively monitoring the British public during Lockdowns, and supplying that information to SAGE despite what they claim.

The apocalyptic predictions by Neil Ferguson for 2021 had only one intention, to force more Lockdown, and whilst Boris Johnson claimed we would be back to normal by June 21st his statement that they would be "driven by data not dates" hinted that this would not be honoured. SAGE have repeatedly blackmailed Boris Johnson with the false dichotomy: Lockdown or thousands will die, and once Furlough was started it was virtually impossible to stop.

The prolonging of Furlough has also raised alarms with many commentators warning that this was an obfuscated way of bringing in the Marxist's wet dream: The Universal Basic Income. Furlough, it is argued, is simply preserving doomed jobs and the scheme should be replaced with the Universal Basic Income. Like Furlough, a UBI would make millions reliant on the state, and some in Whitehall have suggested that Furlough may 'evolve' into it in the future.

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