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Real Reason For SMART Meters Revealed in UK Government Energy Bill

Energy companies will have 'power of entry' to forcibly install it too.

The UK Government's energy bill, which had its third reading this week, if passed, will give unprecedented powers to the state. The new bill has a raft of totalitarian powers 'baked-in' including the right of authorities to enter private dwellings by force to ensure that Net Zero rules aren't being broken, and powers of arrest and imprisonment if they are.

The new bill could see homeowners facing jail time for breaking the proposed new rules concerning their homes, such as having a log burner, gas boiler or insufficient loft insulation as part of the continued push to reach net zero.

If that wasn't bad enough the bill also stipulates that SMART meters will become mandatory, letting slip the real reason they have been pushing them so hard; and it turns out that the conspiracy theorists were right again. Contained within the bill it states:

"Energy smart appliance means an appliance which is capable of adjusting the immediate or future flow of electricity into or out of itself or another application in response to a load control signal; and includes any software or other systems which enable or facilitate the adjustment to be made in response to the signal".

SMART meters, it would appear, are actually a tool for control. The key purpose of SMART meters is not to measure power usage so much as to allow authorities to control how much energy you are allowed to consume.

Every SMART gadget in your home to be directly controlled by the Government.

Even more shockingly, experts reveal that the Government's energy bill stipulates that any smart functions in your fridge, freezers, washing machine, or heat pump must also be enabled to allow them to be controlled by the national grid.


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