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Race-Bait Cricketer Azeen Rafiq Forgot He Was a Racist Himself

Too busy accusing others of being a racist to remember he'd posted anti-semitic and racist memes himself.

The race-baiting Cricketer Azeem Rafiq has been caught being a racist himself in what some are calling poetic justice. Rafiq has today had to apologise for using racist, highly offensive and anti-semitic language on a series of Facebook messages from 2011.

Rafiq said he is "deeply ashamed" for using anti-Semitic language in the messages which, considering his 'testimony' to the Parliamentary Select Committee over the last few days goes little way to restoring his credibility.

Former spinner Rafiq has spent all week accusing everyone at the Yorkshire Cricket Club of being racist, potentially ruining the careers of those accused, even though there have been no laws broken. Rafiq appeared to revel, with the pseudo-trial of his fellow cricketers enabling him to make unprovable accusations against former teammates who had no way of defending their name unlike in an actual court of law.

But Rafiq was obviously so eager to call every white person he worked with a racist the spin-bowler totally forgot that he was one himself. The 30-year-old was found to have sent a series of racist and anti-semitic messages via social media which had obviously slipped his mind.

Azeem Rafiq said he had "absolutely no excuses" for the messages saying "I am incredibly angry at myself and apologise to the Jewish community,"

He then tried to justify his actions by claiming he was only 19 at the time and believes he's a different person today. Pity that those he has accused of racism aren't afforded the same privilege.

But the Cricketers Racism wasn't just limited to hating the Jews, he also was found to have posted racist memes containing a saying 'relating to African people' according to the BBC.

He said posting this four years ago "was a matter of stupidity but the harm is the same as overt racism so that is no excuse".

This will not dampen the BBC's enthusiasm for Rafiq as can be seen in their reporting of this latest development. After the report mentions Rafiq's anti-semitic messages and racist memes they quickly go back to praising him for bringing the Racism case to the public's attention calling it a 'watershed moment'. Will there be a second parliamentary committee brought by representatives of the Jewish community for the clear anti-semitism that is systemic in Cricket? no, of course not, because that is acceptable racism in a sport dominated by Muslims.

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