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Prospect of Dead Children Will Deter Parental Consent so Government Remove it for 16 & 17 Yr Olds

The government move another step closer to mandatory vaccinations for all with the announcement that 16 and 17 year-olds are now being targeted by Public Health England.

Jonathan Van Tam, the fat, slimy, deputy chief medical officer and someone nobody in their right mind would leave in charge of their children, has announced that all 16 and 17-year-olds in the UK will start being offered a first dose of the Covid jab within weeks, after recommendations from the vaccine industry.

Van Tam also announced that they will not need parental consent to get the jab which did not prompt a single question from 'journalists' at the briefing. What exactly is the problem with parental consent for the Government? Could it be that parents are more likely to be in possession of the full facts about Vaccines? Are SAGE worried that parents will know the chances of dying from the Vaccine are 400% higher than dying from the virus in the case of children?

The Joint Committee on Vaccine and Immunisation said on Wednesday that they have passed the vaccine as being 'safe and effective' for 16 and 17 yr olds, and that the Pfizer-BioNTech jab will be the variant selected for use on children.

The announcement is another u-turn but, as with the parental consent issue, nobody challenged why that was. It is unlikely they have any new evidence and were always intending to carry out the plan.

Dr Ros Jones, Consultant Paediatrician and member of the Hart Advisory Group has said "known potential, late onset effects have not yet been ruled out and could take months or years to become apparent."

Up until two weeks ago no Covid Vaccine had been licenced for children, and only now has the Pfizer jab been given an 'emergency licence' that effectively bypasses the normal clinical trials. Up until then the JCVI advised that only those children at very high risk of exposure and serious outcomes such as serious neuro-disabilities that require residential care should be offered vaccination, with clear explanation to parents on the paucity of safety data. Now, all 16 and 17 year olds are being pushed to have the jab, with the government taking on the parental role.

The teens are even less likely to have done any research on vaccine safety than their parents, and still the vast majority of the public are unaware of the 1500 deaths and 1 million plus injuries caused by the vaccines in adults in just 6 months. Even more concerning is that all of the Vaccine Trials SPECIFICALLY EXCLUDED children. Effects of the vaccine on children is completely unknown. Even the safety data for adults is short-term with absolutely no long-term safety data available. Known potential, late onset effects have not yet been ruled out and could take months or years to become apparent and the chosen vaccine is a completely new mRNA vaccine technology that has never previously been used on any population.

Children and young adults are at a vanishingly small risk from Covid-19, with no previously healthy child having died from it. Healthy 16 and 17 year olds would not be taking the vaccine for their own health as they are not at risk from Covid, they are, in contrast, at real risk from the vaccine. As the vaccine rollout covered increasingly younger people so the instances of blood clots increased. Extrapolation of the death rates in younger people and children points to thousands of blood clot deaths, yet the government push on with the forcing of an experimental medical procedure on the entire population.

The justification for this morally dubious act then, is that children and young adults are 'vectors' of the virus and are spreading it everywhere they go. Again, there is absolutely no evidence of this whatsoever. Universities, convinced that opening up would cause massive spikes in cases found that there were virtually none, the students were covid free, much to the annoyance of SAGE. But even if young people were spreading the virus, what with their hugging, kissing and 'promiscuous sex', the vaccine does not stop transmission.

No parent would consent to their child being given an experimental drug that has maimed and killed thousands, for an illness that they don't suffer from, for no known benefits for the child or anyone around them. Hence the move by Government to exclude parents completely.

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